About David

Who is David Swedlow?

“I know, right? When he barrels into the quietest moments like an overloaded freight train of metaphoric thought, it can completely disrupt my flow. And other times it feels like he names the exact thing on the tip of my awareness”.

“Wait a minute, are you talking about that old guy who doesn’t realize he is a grown dude?  Do you think he knows he's not one of the cool kids... or is that what makes him cool?".

“Yeah, him, he’s like a teddy bear that is too shy to cuddle, but gives the best hugs".

“What? To me he is like a mountain of solitude, and  when I'm in his shadow, in my smallness I can feel the footsteps of my inner child still pulsing warmly in fresh snow”.

All true, and all partial. David is so much all of this, and unimaginably more. How can so much humility and arrogance live peacefully under one crown? Well, whoever said presence has to be peaceful?

Yes, he is a holy mess of walking contradictions, and yet it’s funny how easy it is to miss him, until he has you in his sights.

He is Mr. Incredible in drag. He even plagerized Spiderman's motto and got it wrong! 

"With great power comes great responsiveness".

Wait, I think that's actually right.


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