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Relatefulness: Learn how to bring mindfulness into interactions

In this introductory session you will be facilitated in paired and small-group exercises to practice bringing presence and mindfulness into how you speak and listen. By bringing awareness to what's happening in the moment in yourself and with others, this practice called relatefulness becomes a conversational meditation that is shared by the whole group.

– This is a one-person-per-screen session, so if you and a partner wish to join in, please both sign up and attend on your own devices! –

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Through the "transcend and include" approach, through loving what is...

Relatefulness enhances your current capacities by revealing what is already here with more clarity, allowing more wisdom and truth to shine forth. With deep surrender, you can open to a much wider sense of who and what you are in a very grounded and accessible way.

This nondual practice helps you slowly but surely let go of anything that isn’t truth or love, which almost always involves getting super intimate with painful, uncomfortable feelings and experiences that get in the way. We don’t have any goals to fix or improve things, but we find that when you're able to notice what is happening in the moment, mental blocks often disappear, and spontaneous healing can occur. The practice is designed so that these insights easily translate to your everyday life and leadership.

Remember: you don’t need this to be complete.


The Relateful Company have facilitated thousands of people in over 10,000 hours of practice.

  • Launched over 5 years ago, The Relateful Company (formerly CircleAnywhere) was the first global Circling platform ever. We now offer 5-10 relateful sessions every single day. 
  • All of our facilitators are certified in Circling as well as being authorities in different areas—many are meditators, therapists, teachers, etc.
  • We value truthfulness, self-responsibility, love, and embracing the beauty of life as it is.

It's definitely not for everyone.

  • We practice the ability to stay with tension and conflict to mine it for growth, insight, and creativity.
  • We cultivate elegance and capacity to work with uncertainty, volatility and mystery.
  • We hone agility in the face of the unknown, welcoming change.
  • We value trans-ideological navigation; gaining insight into what makes others tick in a way that brings deep empathy and peacefulness, even when considering the opinions of people who are on opposite sides of political and religious spectrums.


"I’m being with you and nothing has to happen. It’s a pretty profound state of presence, actually."



"In the comfort of your own home you can connect with people across the globe to learn how similar you are, despite the superficial differences, and discover parts of you you didn't know existed."



"Connection, being with others, being seen, seeing... these seem especially important at a time like this."


We’ve shared relatefulness...

  • At an international business school in the Netherlands
  • In the boardrooms of biopharmaceutical startups
  • With Chinese high school students studying abroad
  • With an organization dedicated to training the art of Rationality
  • Officiating a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony in Colorado
  • In the heart of a Peruvian law firm

Relatefulness has been used in...

  • Reforming a Syrian refugee health camp in Greece
  • Getting to root teamwork issues at a Fortune 100 Top 10 Company
  • Improving cooperation between clinics at a healthcare provider in Oklahoma
  • Resolving disputes in the courtroom of a small town in Texas
  • Bringing more creativity to a Mexico City music studio
  • Deepening mystical experience in Christian and Buddhist monasteries in the USA and Norway