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Why a Flow Facilitator Training?

You probably notice that there's a gap in the relateful training offered.  If you want guidance for what to do after you've been certified to lead Focus, you'll notice you can't find it in the greater field. There's not a clear line of training from “certified to lead a Focus session” to “certified to lead a Flow session”.  Something about “just keep trying” leaves too many great relaters like you repeating the same mistakes, wandering aimlessly for too long.

My own journey included so much of my overall life that I’ve had difficulty distilling which parts were the magic that got me here… into this ever-learning. Every time I look at my peers that are “certified” to lead Flow I think, “we’re definitely doing the same thing/responding to the same emerging”. So I have gathered these peers to bring to you our vision of a path to Flow facilitation.

-Michael Blas


What's the training designed to do?

The training is designed to incorporate Flow, where all parts are necessary, additive, and brought with ownership from surrender. These structures are the training grounds we have used to begin to learn what it means to lead Flow from surrender. We say “begin” because Flow is ever-unfolding.  Like an omni-directional gold rush, the shapes and distinctions of Flow, which aims to “include everything”, catalyzes with the many peoples’ lives that participate, and this constantly remakes Flow anew. 


Relatefulness and Flow are inherently empty...

And even…sorry to say….worthless.  It is our Being that generates the meaning, worth, and power.  This training will be alive. This training will be personal. Flow is the awareness of Being. Personally.


Can anyone sign up to take this training?


This is advanced relatefulness and students will apply and have an interview with a head teacher. A good baseline will be if you are certified in leading Circling but exceptions will be made, and certification is not a guarantee.


The structures for our meetings will be:

1: "Master Classes"-
  (weekly) These sessions will be the main group instruction. Occurring weekly at the onset, these theory and practicum sessions will be led by one of our head teachers. While the teachers will be leading from surrender they will also be sharing distinctions, theory, and exercises to include more complexity of being and being-with. Sessions will be 90 minutes in length, timed to include the entire globe, AND recorded; so in case real life CALLS FOR AN EBB…you can still FLOW.

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2: “Deep Dive”-  (monthly) One of the commitments and requirements of this training is that YOU WILL START YOUR OWN FLOW SESSION EVENTS. Your group must occur at least once per month, and at least once per month you will record a 45 minute Flow session.  A head teacher will attend and observe the session. As soon as you close the Flow session the head teacher will lead a feedback session with you and all in attendance participating. We will explore your way of being to find where you can bring yourself more fully...  Did you have a secret desire for everyone to fully claim their depth? Did you tell anybody? Did you fully claim yours? Can you imagine your life if you practiced bringing yourself fully?

3: “Replay”-
 (monthly) Are you wondering why you'll have to record your Deep Dive session? You will schedule a separate time to meet 1 on 1 with a head teacher and watch your 45 minute Flow session over the course of 90 minutes. We will have time to pause the video moment by moment and ask you:

  • What did you see happening here?
  • What were you feeling right there?
  • How did you understand this interaction here?

We will help you find language for being direct while staying attuned to mystery and intimacy. We will show you ways of seeing the big picture. We will help you to brainstorm ways to let go of seeing everything, and instead, dive in and make sure you’re keeping it personal. 


4: “The Melee” ALL STUDENT/NO FORMAL LEADER-  (2x weekly) A teacher opens the Zoom.  You all enter. And then you all Flow session. These moments of no-formal-hierarchy are incredibly important for learning the fundaments of leadership as well as learning where power comes from when hierarchy and democracy are put on pause. There will be two Melee sessions per week. Head teachers will drop in to mix it up from time to time.

5: "The Relateful Company Flow Membership"- And in order to give you access to constant Flow and further immersion this course includes access to The Relateful Company Flow sessions. 



This continuously running training offers 19 hours of coaching, lecture, and training per month with a vibrant community committed to growth, truth, and connection.


Why is this training "continuously running"?

The standard relateful faciliator training is 6 to 9 months. Flow is incredibly and entirely more complex and much more difficult. Some people pick it up quickly, and far more spend years just beginning to understand it. We want to speed it up with this training; giving you the clearest and most direct Flow training ever.


  • It really could take a while
  • You really have to dive in if it's going to be powerful (Flow becomes who you are in all your interactions, but that doesn't mean you sound like a robot and ask people, "What's that like?" all the time)


  • Flow is inherently continuous. I wanted to call this training "The Path of the Whale Shark" because as soon as you stop letting learning flow through you... it's over
  • Once you get up to speed running your own group we recommend that you take breaks and come back. Including complexity includes including rest. EBB and FLOW
  • Every class taught by our head teachers will be recorded and archived so you can catch up if you need a break

🗺 Get Started Today from wherever you are in the world:

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  3. Apply insights from the many sessions
  4. Start practicing facilitating others right away
  5. Like a big big whale, start gulping down the ever unfolding

You'll never look back

Ever led a relateful group and had trouble?

→ No Depth
: People seem hesitant to share and no one speaks directly

→ Conflict: The participants will start expressing and then trigger each other

→ No ownership/Too much ownership: So many people don't know how to claim ownership of their experience OR It feels like a bunch of monotone meditation people just talking about their bellies


→ Burnout: I don't even enjoy my own sessions

→ Seeing the We-Space: No one understands that we're all connected

→ Longing:  Everyone keeps trying to fix being human

→ Powerless: I can't seem to convey the difference between surrender and resignation, I don't know how to be with resignation


If You're Ready to Kick These Frustrations to the Curb, We'll Help You Learn To:

  1. Bring your depth and lead from surrender
  2. Weave bridges between differing worlds and create larger perspectives that can hold dissonance
  3. Be personal from awareness, by speaking directly and showing your humanity
  4. Have skin in the game, and in doing so make Flow a practice that rejuvenates you
  5. Speak to the group field by empathizing with where everyone is connected
  6. Identify existential truths, like we're all: limited, beautiful, flawed, perfect, powerful, and inadequate
  7. Inspire by taking stands from surrender and surrendering to the lived agony/ecstasy of compassion
  8. Trust your intuition and why it's the most rational move, especially if you're ok learning more
  9. Overcome the fear of uncertainty by surrendering to the recognition that certainty is an illusion, and become the kind of leader who can thrive in a world of constant evolution

Let us help you avoid the most common pitfalls in interpersonal development and move toward relational mastery.

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Flow leader training can be completed entirely virtually. We pioneered bringing the transformative power of Circling through video starting all the way back in 2014.

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Dive deep into a practice that will REQUIRE SURRENDER! Put yourself into the situation where your truth, moment to moment, is your only means of locomotion! Bet on love.

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Get Started Today $700/month
Get Started Today 3 months @ $650/month
Get Started Today 6 months @ $600/month

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