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Being led by Lisa is like adventuring into the heart of a magical world. A world full of castles and forests, warriors and dragons, and you are being accompanied by a guide who expands your awareness and enjoyment of the world you are discovering, not just through their words and sensitivity, but through their very being.

It is like delighting in the world you are discovering, and then realising that this world is in fact your own world, the world you inhabit, in your body, in your life, in these moments... and finding yourself mystified as to how you could ever have missed the beauty that now you see everywhere.

Relatefulness with Lisa is like being together, through adventure and return, power and invitation, sound and silence, and realising that we are all guiding and being guided, all singing in our own way, all calling each other deeper into the wonders of this life.

(Written by Will Jefferson)

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