$120.00 USD

Single Coaching Session with Annabeth Novitzki

Time zone: CST


As she writes this bio, Annabeth Novitzki would like to flawlessly ride the line of impressing the heck out of you with her education and experience, while showing the appropriate amount of humility for a person who’s supposed to be “super mindful”, and simultaneously blending in the perfect amount of dry wit. She’s hoping that this meta self-narration format will do the trick.

Her favorite thing to brag about is having graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 2004 with an Honors BFA in Vocal Performance, but mostly because it was actually the hardest thing she has ever done and she may never stop craving validation to make up for the effort. She likes people to know that she also has a Masters in Vocal Performance at the University of Memphis, but that was much easier, so she doesn’t bring it up so often.

She was the Director of Music and Art for 7 years at the coolest church on earth (unofficial but true anyway), First Congregational Church of Memphis, and on music staff for 5 years at the second-coolest church on earth, First Unitarian Universalist of Austin.

Annabeth has taught private music lessons since 2004. She has been learning contemplative practice, meditation, and Circling throughout this time, and those practices have steadily infused into her teaching and singing along the way.

Annabeth is the Head Facilitator of Relateful Austin, and the Lead Instructor of the Music of Relating course and the Circling Orientation course, which she hopes will offer you some peace and beauty in how you relate with your self, your voice, and your loved ones.

Sessions last for 1 hour and can be conducted by video call, audio, or in person in Austin, Texas.