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Welcome & Terms of Service

Our practices involve looking at and being intimate with the structures of one’s personal reality, including how we make sense of experience, individually and collectively. Carrying over assumptions from other practices can lead to misunderstandings. Read over the following statements to determine whether or not our practice will be a good fit for you.

We see you as a free agent capable of honest self-assessment and responsible choice. This is an invitation to take responsibility for yourself and your experience, including a willingness to set and maintain appropriate boundaries. By attending our events you take responsibility for your own safety and comfort, choosing to leave the practice or participate in any given moment. 

Not Psychotherapy
We do not follow a therapeutic model of diagnosis and treatment. Our method is educational. Our emphasis is relating. Our facilitators and coaches are guides. Our practices are practices of connection and meditation whose aim is to reveal more presence. We do not prescribe choices or actions. We are not psychotherapists; we do not see you as being in a therapeutic relationship with our facilitators. Participants are welcome to speak and explore developmental intentions such as “getting somewhere,” growing, and evolving, but we do not presume these are the drivers of experience. We work in the present moment, assuming wholeness moving to greater wholeness. 

The Expectations of Leadership
Our facilitators act in service of better relating through bringing more presence to what’s happening in the here and now. This may not follow typical expectations of a “group leader,” such as telling people the “right way” to act or making sure everyone gets along. We include the internal experiences of the leaders as part of the process. We invite you to listen to your own inner direction for leadership, and consider others’ responses as feedback to you in the context of the moment.

Is this Right for You?
Our workshops can be intense. We explore the unknown, the volatile, the ambiguous, as well as welcome emotions many deem as “negative” or “inappropriate” such as feelings of inadequacy, anger, sexuality, and joy. We often explore multiple sides of seeming opposites at once, and believe this can reveal an underlying unity of the immediacy of experience. We see bringing awareness to intense feelings as distinct from acting upon these feelings—we may ask you to pause or leave if we determine certain expressions risk leaving the practice of relational presence.

If the above description of our workshops sounds potentially overwhelming or destabilizing for you, if you have mental illness or significant emotional challenges that you feel may be exacerbated by this type of transformational environment, or if you are not sure that you can be self-directed in taking care of your needs during the event, then we advise you not to enroll. Finally, you must be at least 18 years old to attend.

By participating you acknowledge that you have read and agree to abide by these Terms of Service.

Amsterdam Relateful Immersion

Join us for a transformative weekend experience of being present with what is, allowing, and finding authentic connection with ourselves and each other at the Amsterdam Relateful Immersion.
“Relatefulness is a set of practices aiming at truth and love. People come together and relate, mindfully. We talk about what’s present in us, and between us. And we let that change us.”
Through slowing down and exploring the present moment in connection, we tap into the “magic” of relating that can be easy to miss in our everyday lives.
With practices of awareness and embodiment that allow us to see more clearly and feel more deeply, we can step into a style of full-spectrum conscious-relating that enhances the quality of our relationships.

Growth and Transformation are FULL OF ALIVENESS

Growth and transformation thrive in an environment where the aliveness of play, compassion, joy, and silliness are as welcome as fear, anger, grief, and stillness.

We build better relationships by learning to get REAL in the present moment with what’s happening in us and between us.

With a Relateful approach, we can learn to:

🌬️   Bring presence and honest expression to what’s true while connecting
🌀   Notice sensations, emotions, thoughts, and awareness
🐾   Explore and honor the wisdom of our bodies
⚡   Be with the impact of our expression, choices, and interactions
👁️   Follow our curiosity… including our curiosity about our curiosity
🦋   Use meta-awareness to give breathing room to our experience
🏮   Shed light on our shadows
📽️   Check our assumptions, projections and narratives
🌳   Step into more maturity in our self-leadership
🖖   Discover boundaries as areas of wisdom, value, and connection 
⚖️   Balance bringing our wisdom without losing connection
🌾   Trust ourselves more
❤️   Infuse our relating with more truth and love


Relateful Practices

We’ll explore who we are together through the following Relateful practices:

🏔️   Fundamentals:
 Practicing authentic connection through presence-based awareness and expression exercises.

🌅   Focus: Being with the richness of the present moment as we bring focused awareness to one person in the group.

🌊   Flow:
 Cultivating our relationship with the Flow of Life as it shows up in and through the group consciousness as we explore connection with ourselves, each other, and the collective We.

🧜   Embodiment: 
Bringing awareness to the impact and influence connecting with each other has on our bodies and how we move.

🤸🏼   Playfulness: 
Fun exercises that encourage expression and (co-)creativity.

Let’s touch the boundaries of our knowing, and practice welcoming ourselves into thresholds of not-knowing in the aliveness of being.

Date and Time:
Friday, 12 July, 18:30-22:00 and Saturday, 13 July, 9:30-17:30 with an hour for lunch (bring your own).
*If you can only attend Friday Night, contact us to see what’s possible.

De Ruimte, Weesperzijde 79a Amsterdam, upstairs room

200 EUR
There is an option to sleep at the venue for those who need it. Email Anja-Sophie at [email protected] for more information about this possibility.

Your hosts:

This immersion is hosted by four professional Relateful facilitators and is a co-creative adventure into connection where your realness, creativity, aliveness, and engagement are welcome and wanted as we weave the weekend experience together.

Miriam Kislak
 (CH) is a professional Relateful Facilitator, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, Somatic Trauma Therapist, Women’s Group Leader and Artist. In her leadership she listens from her heart, bringing her attuned witnessing, embodied aliveness and expression from her depth.

Adam Sippola
 (US/CH) is a Professional Relateful Facilitator, Presence Touch/Biodynamic Craniosacral Practitioner, Men's Group Leader, Singer, and Crossover Guide, accompanying people through processes of presencing, healing, transformation, and integration on the journey of remembered wholeness.

Anja Sophie Boorsma
 (NL): As improv teacher, corporate teamcoach/mediator, Voice Dialogue coach, certified Circling leader and professional Relateful facilitator, Anja Sophie is a multi-faceted facilitator who feels most inspired when she can weave her different backgrounds into synthesis. She is known for her meta-awareness and playfulness.

Elsa May Averill (NL/BE): is a Certified circling and Relateful facilitator. She is also a writer, works in the performing arts and earth based spiritual practices. Her flavor of leading is embodied knowledge and simple language. She brings tenderness and wild imagination into the space.
If you have questions email us at [email protected] or contact Anja-Sophie at [email protected]