Beyond Money

Deepening our Understanding of Money and Clarifying Our Relationship to It

This is a self-paced course created by Philip Watson that includes over 40 short videos (1-12 mins each) plus bonus long-form conversation videos with guests, quizzes and dozens of high-quality resources for further exploration.

What you'll get:

  • Over 4 hours of video content
  • Audio downloads of all videos
  • Tons of curated resources
  • Optional quizzes

Welcome to Beyond Money! In this course we'll explore what money is and how we're relating to it.

We'll take a clear look at our beliefs and perspectives on money so that we can find more freedom and choice around them (include and transcend them).

And we'll get into how money works today, how it's evolving (how our current forms of money are being included and transcended by a new monetary medium called Bitcoin) and how we can best leverage this knowledge to live better lives.

Price: $49 USD

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The Ol' Disclaimer

Please keep in mind that nothing in this course is intended as financial advice. The course is based on Philip's experience and on several thousand hours of research and experimentation. Nonetheless, as with all worthwhile learning, we encourage you to consider this material critically, to read from a wide variety of sources and to develop your own well-reasoned (and gut-based) opinions.

$55.00 USD