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4 Coaching Sessions with Philip Watson

Time zone: CST


Philip is a Mexican-Australian facilitator, trainer and coach, experienced in several modalities of practice including Relatefulness. In this capacity he has worked with hundreds of individuals and groups, ranging from a law firm in Peru to one of the founders of Paypal. He is passionate about personal and collective empowerment and transformation. Philip is also a music producer, singer-songwriter, business owner and a proud father.

Coaching sessions last for 1 hour, and can be conducted by video call, audio, or in person.

Single sessions available for $150 here.

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What People Are Saying:

The sessions with Philip were unlike any other coaching I’ve had. Never before have I worked so directly and somatically on what it is like to be with my power, and how I can be with it in relationship. This is a very tender topic for me, and Philip’s ability to really meet me there was a surprise. Whenever I took a risk, he could see me, receive me, and meet me right at that edge. His deep skill, courage and authenticity allowed me to express and explore what’s normally kept under wraps. The insights and energy I got from this have been (and continue to be) essential to figuring out my path as a coach and business owner. I am deeply grateful that Circling exists and that there are practitioners at this level.

Catelijne C., The Netherlands

The latest breed of coaches works at the level of identity and consciousness, not "just" behavior and performance. Philip has been masterful at connecting with me at this level. In our sessions, I experience in real-time the kind of meditative clarity that has taken me a week of full-on retreat-style meditation to achieve otherwise. He repeatedly guides me to a kind of self-awareness that brings clear insights into patterns that have held me stuck for years. He's exceptionally studied in Integral theory but, more importantly, has obviously integrated the principles and practices himself. He leads and guides not so much by what he knows (which is vast) but by who he is. In only a short time working with him, I've come to consider him a wise and trusted leader, advisor and guide.

Evy Campbell, New York