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3 Coaching Sessions with Fabiola Romero

Time zone: CET


Fabiola walked into the Relateful world the same way just born baby turtles instinctively know to walk towards the ocean. Once there, she never looked back.

Born and raised in Venezuela, an avid traveler, lover of different cultures and their people, she became a Relateful facilitator and later on a Relateful Coach.

Through this practice she found an organic, natural way to honor life and the fascinating journey of “human beingness”. To her, more than a practice, Relatefulness is a way of life. One she enthusiastically shares with as many willing newcomers as possible. In the Relateful space, her colors shine the brightest in that awkward, silent moment, in that tension, in that resistance right before the tears find their way, right before pleasure floods the body, right before rage, grief, bliss make themselves present in the room. A soul midwife, someone once called her.

A big advocate of what most people refer to as the dark in us, Fabiola often finds herself in awe and in deep gratitude of being alive and laughing at herself (and the whole life thing) at the same time.

Coaching sessions last for 1 hour, and can be conducted by video call, audio, or in person.

Single coaching sessions are also available for $150 here.


What People Are Saying:

In Fabiola´s presence and with her guidance, I got to my core wound in no time, which I found confusing given her soft nature. Being led by her is like floating pleasantly on a quiet lake where I felt open to hear and let in her questions, which are as precise and timely as they are deep and enlightening. My favorite part was the answers that arose in me, and then the questions she elicited from me later. I couldn´t recommend her more!


With Fabiola I found my own master: ME! She gently but surely pointed my in the direction of the truth, my truth. Today, a couple of years after our sessions, I still find myself looking into the notes of my time with her where I keep finding hidden treasures.


Funny thing about her is that even though we hardly ever talked about it during our sessions, I moved to my dream city, got my dream job and found my dream love: Myself. I even started enjoying working out! She works underneath it all, she works the soil and boy does the land render its fruits!