About Blake

Blake is relateful with a pace and a depth that can be powerful mirrors to the inner truths of the receiver, and of the relational space of the group itself. Blake seems to hold truth as a standard; for himself, for groups, and for life. In fields of opportunities, where many things can be possible, some things do matter more in a moment than others.

Presence with Blake can help clarify the essential, and being relateful with him can make participants want to see, and be in, what is truest right now. For those who allow the fullness that naturally arises in his compassionate, steady attention, and who attune to what’s real in that space, there’s a very good chance Blake's playful sense of humor will shine through.

(Written by Ellyn Kerr)

What is your educational background?

I studied electrical engineering at Rice in Houston in undergrad, and after my first startup I went back to school and got a PhD in computational biology at UT Austin.

Do you currently have any other jobs, titles, and/or professional experience that you’d like to mention?

I'm on the board of the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, which is perhaps the original AI Safety organization. I'm also on the board of Recursion Pharmaceuticals, a tech-bio company I co-founded which IPO'ed in 2021.

Do you have any valuable (to you) previous positions, notable accomplishments, awards or accolades, professional affiliations, or published works, etc?

I co-founded two successful startup companies, BuildASign.com and Recursion Pharmaceuticals. During my PhD I co-first-authored a paper in Nature, which is considered about the most fancy journal among biologists.

What are your areas of expertise/research interests within the self-development/awareness context?

I'm into adult and collective psychology/development, and leading Flow feels like experiential learning and research on these topics. 

Do you have a favorite book, movie, or a TV show that you would like to share, and say how/why it speaks to you?

I thought sci-fi was silly as a book genre until I tried the good ones, and now it's probably my favorite genre. I was really impacted by reading the Dune series, and thoroughly enjoy re-reading it when I want to indulge. I think a big thing is I love thinking about the trajectory of our civilization, species, culture, and Dune for me is all about this.

Do you have a passion or purpose, a personal goal or aspiration, or a personal motto?

Yeah, my mission is helping us all navigate the coming AI transformation, a.k.a. AI Safety. Through that, I'm involved in many flavors of work, including math research, international and US politics, organizational effectiveness, and civilizational culture/health/development. My motto at the moment is maybe something like: let's be our best selves together, and let's also love ourselves just as we are.