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Cultivate inner peace, interconnection, and transformational leadership in any situation, from parenting to AI alignment with the Relateful Approach.
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How much are you applying your personal growth insights in real-time connections?

Most people struggle to embody the life-changing awarenesses from their spiritual practice, workshops, and studies. When you don't integrate your practice into your daily relationships, you may find yourself...

  • Stuck or stagnant, afraid you've plateaued or frustrated at the mumbo-jumbo
  • Struggling to create meaningful relationships with people who don't share your views
  • In conflict more frequently, despite all the time and money you've invested improving
  • Living with a sense of "always seeking," but never finding
  • Struggling to form and maintain healthy boundaries in the name of being more "loving" and "aware"
  • Repeating unhealthy patterns in relationships despite "knowing better," unintentionally hurting those around you

Inner peace and self-awareness should be natural and it should enhance every single connection. Most people don’t know how to bring compassionate truth, forgiveness, self-responsibility, care without caretaking, humility and heartfelt gratitude for existing into their work, families, and friendships. Instead, they feel arrogant and alienate folks, or isolated and never have the confidence to risk more fulfilling connections. Embrace growth and connection with the Relateful Approach and you may finally find what you’ve been looking for... which has been here all along.

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There are 4 ways you can learn the Relateful Approach. Which one is right for you?


Join a live practice session

Want to relate with more honesty and compassion?

Learn how to be relateful from the comfort of your own home with ~5 facilitated group sessions every single day on our online platform Relateful Anywhere. Or visit us in-person at our studio in Austin, TX, 🇺🇸 .

In these sessions you'll encounter practitioners from all over the world, learning from each other how to notice and name what's happening in the moment inside of you, in others, and relationally, in the group as a whole. You'll get a sense of how you can bring presence into conversation and connection in a way that allows more ease, efficiency, and aliveness in everything you do. You're also likely to confront assumptions, personal and cultural blindspots, and habitual ways of behaving that become choices rather than obligations, in the light of awareness. Get honest feedback on the way you show up, and learn to stay present to what's really going on, even in the face of trigger and upset, during these facilitated group practice sessions.

Perfect for: Anyone new to relatefulness and interpersonal growth practices, who is open to in-the-moment feedback, willing to question their assumptions about the way things work, and curious how being more present in relationship—even to the tough stuff—can positively impact their lives.


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Attend a weekend workshop

Want to relate with more honesty and compassion?

Relatefulness weekend workshops are a life-changing event for many participants. You'll be steeped in the culture and practice of presence, surrender, truth-telling and embodiment. Experience first hand the magical and profound shifts that are possible when we cultivate and apply an attitude of being-with whatever is happening, while staying aimed at more truth and more love.

Every event is unique, with the facilitation team and each participant bringing their own challenges and wisdom to be seen, felt, and evolved over the course of a few days. One event may center around people feeling unfelt emotions like anger and grief, learning how to accept and express what is in a healthy and embodied way, while another may dive deep into spiritual state changes and explore evolutionary tensions between being and becoming. While holding strong structures, we cannot predict what happens in advance, which is fortunate because the group's intelligence ends up creating an environment that is far more perfectly suited for our developmental edge than anything we could plan in advance. 

Perfect for: Anyone who is ready to make profound shifts in their lives, face fears they've been avoiding for some time, and learn how to find true empowerment, which includes healthy boundaries but doesn't demand that anyone else needs to change.


Register for a workshop

Become a Certified Relateful Facilitator

Looking to upgrade every area of your life?

Transform your leadership in just nine months. Join Level Up ⬆, our intensive facilitation training designed to help you wake up to the simplicity of presence, clean up the drama, grow up into higher levels of leadership, and show up with more power and compassion. With over 200 hours of practice time, this tailored program provides tons of personal feedback to help you continuously update and change with your own journey as you mature through the course.

With a mix of personalization and connection, you get three in-person four-day intensives, 10 one-on-one focus sessions, 30 hours of curriculum and examples, and 8 small-group certification sessions. You'll also receive 8 supervised focus sessions, 8 individual coaching sessions to help you thrive in every area of your life. Led by a diverse team of experienced facilitators around the world, this program integrates the wisdom of thousands of training hours to bring you the most up-to-date and cutting-edge transformational leadership training available. Plus you'll get unlimited sessions in-person and online—a $6000 value alone.

Although it can be scary and uncomfortable, there are no shortcuts to letting go of old ways of being that no longer serve your highest functioning. However, with our guidance, you'll learn to surrender to your own better knowing and self-trust, allowing you to become the best version of yourself. Are you ready to surf your edges and do the work to transform your life? If so, Level Up is the program for you.

Perfect for: Anyone who is serious about their personal evolution and  facilitating transformation in others, and isn't afraid to continuously face the shadows and blindspots that get in the way of their deepest service to life. Because the training includes ~30 hours of personalized one on one time with our diverse team of facilitators, this includes relative newbies alongside therapists, coaches, and consultants with decades of experience.

Not for: "I would not recommend this for everyone… I would recommend it for people that really really want to grow, surf their edges, do their work.” - Tory G

Transform Your life with Level Up ⬆

Book a private training for your team

Are you looking for a way to elevate your team's performance?

You know that a lack of trust, communication breakdowns, and unhealthy conflict can cause your team to suffer and harm productivity. You may have noticed that some team members seem disengaged, and there may be a lack of cohesion that affects morale. You want to create a culture of trust, understanding, and open communication, but you're not sure how to get there. That's where our Private Relatefulness Training comes in. With our training, you can learn the skills to build a stronger, more cohesive team that works together towards common goals. Our training focuses on building relationships, practicing empathy, and learning to communicate openly and honestly. By learning how to address conflicts head-on in a safe way, you can transform your team into a more productive and engaged workforce that feels supported, respected, and heard.

Private trainings can happen in person or online. Although we can do half-day workshops, the deeper changes come from either a two day workshop (on or off-site), or a team committing to meet for 2 hours every week, for 8 weeks. Contact us and we'll be able to advise you on the best format to address your organization's unique needs. 

Perfect for: Any organization who wants to get an entire team to understand the relateful approach and practice more honest, open, and holistic communication. Businesses usually bring us in to resolve disputes or do team building only to discover a more healthy workforce produces better results.


📞 Book a Private Workshop


Join our live practice group and experience how integrating personal growth insights can transform your daily life. With online and in-person sessions around the world, you can easily cultivate more fulfilling relationships. Attend a session today and discover the power of the Relateful Approach.


Our culture and practices empower you to embrace uncertainty and bring more love and truth into your daily life. By bringing more awareness to your relatefulness you'll communicate with clarity, compassion, and authenticity, even in the midst of chaos and conflict.


With relatefulness, you can integrate personal growth insights into your connections and cultivate more fulfilling relationships. Experience deeper connections, improved communication, and stronger bonds with those around you. 

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Trusted by thousands.

With over 1000 Active Members Worldwide and a team of 50+ professional facilitators, The Relateful Company has led thousands of people in over 30,000 hours of practice, every single day for 10 years. Our clients range from Fortune 100 Top 10 companies and board members, to transformational festival-goers and self-help junkies, and a lot in between.

Places our students and clients are bringing relatefulness into their work include:  

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"Relatefulness has helped me more in my life than all my searching, courses, seminars, certificates, degrees, therapies, and so on… of all my seeking back in the 1990’s."


"Next level, the edge of human potential in connection, World class. I feel really lucky I found out about it."


"I've experienced being loved and loving others - every single day... I have no idea of how big the ripple effect of this is. It's just making my life fuller in so many ways."


“It’s perfect for anyone who wants to show up in a way that brings more joy, and also want to address challenges, problems, issues that come up with themselves with others.”


“I was already certified by Integral Coaching Canada, but felt it was missing something - namely, that experience of presence I get with Relatefulness. After finishing Level Up and experiencing life-changing growth, Relateful Coaching has again transformed my life. I now feel ready and willing to take my service into the world."


“It’s like decades of therapy from one session… but the paradox is you can’t go in expecting or wanting that!"

Find a time that works for you

Get honest feedback on the way you show up, and learn to stay present to what's really going on, even in the face of trigger and upset, during these facilitated group practice sessions. Gain access to 175+ sessions & 60+ hours of theory videos with a monthly membership.

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Never tried anything like this?

Doing something different can be uncomfortable, challenging, and scary. You may feel afraid you'll be forced to be vulnerable (you won't—that's not a recipe for authentic communication), or that you'll struggle to be relateful (you probably will struggle!—that's part of the fun of learning). All of these feelings are welcome here.

That said, we like to say that this practice is for anyone, but not everyone. Attend a session and see if it's a match for where you're at today.

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