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Beyond Trauma Mindset Course (Only $55!)

The Trauma Mindset is getting in the way of you living a full, free life. Why?  

I believe the term has been corrupted. Saying “trauma” now brings with it a whole mindset that’s no longer helping people (actually it’s often hurting them!). If you’ve ever used the word trauma, I think you’re being affected by this mindset without even realizing it, so I’m here to offer a healthier alternative that will move you towards more love and more truth.

The Trauma Mindset is an unexamined bucket of assumptions about the world, our place in it, and how we should behave.

I’m here to help you spot them, so you can choose to live beyond the trauma mindset if you so desire. This course is about expanding your possible response horizon, from the culturally curated and nervous-system dictated, to a more choiceful and self-empowering option. That the choice is always yours to claim is one of the key shifts we’re going to talk about.

What You Get In The Beyond Trauma Mindset Course


•  12 videos of content to watch in the comfort of your own home


•  6 unique practices to help you experience the shifts as you show up in your day-to-day life


•  Over 100 pages of written curriculum so you can read and follow along


•  A global community of likeminded explorers who are down to practice everything they're learning at any time


•  Lifetime access so you can review the content later down the line

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Here’s a sneak peak at the 6 core modules:


1. From Closed to Curious:

Discover how curiousity-infused inquiry can break the cycle of automatic reactivity, and open you up to new levels of clarity and self-understanding.

Drop your broad label. Instead, make room for more intimacy, more truth, and more clarity on what’s actually going on.


2. From Problematizing to Honoring:

Unearth the superpower inside you that has developed as a result of your ‘trauma’, and learn how to appreciate the same in others.

Unveil the beautiful gifts that have always been there, as you drop your addiction to “fixing” and step into gratitude for all that you are and have.


3. From Life-Sucks to Life-Collaborates:

Disarm the negative voice inside, and learn to identify with the witnessing capacity that offers you a whole new world of possibility.

Turn adversity into opportunity, and start to allow life to feel like a supportive place that encourages your development and blossoming.


4. From Specialness to Oneness:

Explore the ways in which your identity promotes loneliness and isolation, and invite yourself to gently come back into connection and wholeness.

Learn to move beyond these identifications, and discover alternative ways to remember and experience how deeply interconnected we all are.


5. From "Facts" to Freshness:

Uncover new ways to surrender to the unknown, without feeling disappointed by life or by others.

Step into radical honesty, deeply trust yourself, and learn how to get in touch with your needs. Develop and practice the skills and the courage to ask for them directly and truthfully.


6. From Victim to Creator:

Drop the drape of disempowerment, and put on a cape instead as you become the hero of your own story.

Embrace timeless wisdom as you learn to embody your true power. Then, you can choose for yourself how you make sense of what’s happening and how you react, no matter what others do.

Each module includes: 

  • 1 disempowering assumption
  • 1 empowering reframe
  • 1 practice to help you step into the new empowering perspective

Remember: No one and no course can give you freedom or fulfillment; they are yours to claim.

We’d love to help guide you back to what’s already yours. Are you ready?


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