About Adam

Adam’s heartfelt Relatefulness facilitation is infused with attentive curiosity, deeply embodied attunement and powerful presence. His sessions feel like a safely held space to explore what is true now, while allowing the mysterious unfolding of the moment.

Part of Adam's magic is the width of awareness that spans from each individual, to the collective field and the wider whole. He intuitively follows his agile attention, invites people into expression, or openly shares his own experiences of interconnectedness. His open questions invite a deeper homecoming to one's heart, and a sense of belonging within the greater community of humankind and beyond. His listening feels like seeing-feeling stillness that says: "You are welcome here"! His playful and wise shares reveal his commitment to connection, his deep honoring of his body’s wisdom and his celebration of life as it flows in the spaces between us.

(Written by Miriam Kislak)


1-1 Sessions with Adam

Do you currently have any other jobs, titles, and/or professional experience?

I am a biodynamic craniosacral practitioner, soul embodiment guide, singer and musician, writer and editor, men’s group leader, husband, father, sibling, son, and aspiring elder.

Do you have any children or pets?

I have two adult children, Vali and Anja.

Do you have a passion or purpose, a personal goal or aspiration, or a personal motto?

My purpose is Crossover. I walk a Crossover spiral path, singing a Crossover song.