About Christina

Hi, I’m Christina.

What I’m most fascinated and touched by is the magic of the we-space, and the deepening into mystery that is possible when we come together with intention.

I have always been driven by a desire to see into people’s essence, and for that essence to be appreciated and acknowledged. 

Currently I live in east Texas with my family. I grew up in South Los Angeles in a big extended family. My roots are in Chicano culture. I’ve navigated two very different worldviews from an early age, and while I’ve learned to code switch, I have stayed in connection with the magic of my culture. Family, traditional knowledge, and being in alignment with the natural world and its cycles are central to my life. I’m also a mom of a wonderful son, and have been married for over 30 years.

Language is very important to me. My professional life was largely centered around the literacy and language arts, how we make meaning, how we attend, apprehend, and express an authentic voice. For a long time, I have been inquiring into questions of how we can use language so that life, animate and inanimate, can be acknowledged for what it is, so its aliveness can be honored, expressed, and experienced. These questions accompany me in my practice of circling. How do we find a way of communing that captures the voice that is already in connection with all there is; the voice that is connected to the wider web of life, and how do we discern this voice from the cacophony of conditionings; what is it in us that knows the difference?

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure things out, but one day something clicked that changed everything for me. I realized that when I’m deeply seated in myself and rooted in trust in my body and in my instincts; I am able to connect at ever deeper levels with others. In this place of embodied presence in relationship, I find the space naturally opens, things fall into place, and I can trust my responses as the path forward naturally reveals itself.

I love that through this platform, I get to encounter so many of you on your own path of heart.


1-1 Sessions with Christina

What are your areas of expertise/research interests within the self-development/awareness context?

I’ve been circling since 2013. In 2014, I founded a group called Authentic Woodlands, Relational Meditation and Circling. I’m certified to facilitate circling by The Circling Institute and Circling Europe. I’ve been a leader in training for CE’s SAS, and an assistant leader for their online SAS. I’ve also been support staff for The Circling Institute’s Art of Circling year long training. I’ve helped staff and assistant lead, Authentic Women’s Experience. I’m also a Relatefulness Coach, and have been studying Getting Real Coaching with Dr. Susan Campbell for the past few years, and with all that, I feel like I’m just beginning my Relatefulness journey.

What is your educational background?

I have a Bachelors of Science in Business Finance and a Masters of Arts in Education and another MA in English Literature.  I was a reading specialist, teacher trainer, and fellow in the National writing project. After retiring, I’ve spent time doing ceramic art, and took every training I could to learn about the body. I have done the Nia brown belt and taught Nia, and yoga, I've facilitated ecstatic dance, body electronics and sacred body language translations. I’ve also studied clinical and process acupressure. I’m formally trained in Non Linear Movement, NARM, and Focusing and have taken many trainings in parts work.



(Life Coach, and coaching client)

“When I’m with Christina, I drop into a deep connection with myself, we always access something beyond the ordinary together”


(Member of Authentic Woodlands)

“Circling with Christina and the Woodlands Circling group is literally the most concentrated amount of magic I’ve ever experienced”

Liz G

(Circling Facilitator, colleague, and friend)

“Christina is an old wise soul, gorgeous transmission of being and being with. Self-knowledge. Love.”


(LMT, member of Authentic Woodlands)

“The quality of her attention and her listening is so refined that we can all feel it in the group. The compassionate space she creates opens us to the deepest levels."