About Dara

Whether she’s at work, in a relateful session, or in a social setting, people often look to Dara for her sight and direction. She has the unique capacity to attend to multiple worlds simultaneously and really see what’s present in layered ways, and is gentle and firm in her leadership, as well as welcoming, kind, and discerning. Her warmth is unmistakable and unavoidable.

Dara is often the person in the room with the highest social awareness, but it’s not at all off-putting because she typically uses it for the good of the whole. She isn’t perfect, but she checks herself for her own projections and misperceptions, and owns the shit out of her stuff when she needs to. She is deeply trustworthy and compassionate, and has a loving heart cultivated through her commitment to heal and transform her pain and struggles. You’d be lucky to be relateful with Dara, and to experience how her journey supports growth and unfolding in ways that are magical, attuned, and accessible.

(Written by Jason Minnix & Ellyn Kerr)


1-1 Sessions with Dara

Do you currently have any other jobs, titles, and/or professional experience that you’d like to mention?

I'm the CEO of an Austin-based group that facilitates deep connection & meaningful conversation among influential leaders in the city. I'm also a facilitator with Relateful Austin.

Have you made any contributions to society or a community, that you feel proud of?

I once wrote a proposal and won a grant for a school I taught at while living in Chile, to host a regional prose and poetry competition.

What are your areas of expertise/research interests within the self-development/awareness context?

I focus on personal and collective growth through investigating and implementing many practices, including: The STAGEs model, School for Social Design (Joe Edelman), meditation, non-violent communication, movement & embodiment experiments, Stabilized Flow (Lindsay Briner), and Joyful Productivity (George Kao).

Do you have any hobbies or interests that you’d like to include?

I love learning new things and I know a fair amount about a wide range of topics, including urban foraging, weight-lifting, and no/low-code technology.

Are there any causes or charities that are important to you?

I care a lot about supporting organizations that are on the front lines of work related to healthcare access and criminal justice reform, like Planned Parenthood, The Bail Project, and the ACLU.