About Ellyn

Ellyn’s focus in relateful sessions is on the nexus of relational awareness, communication agility, and embodied alignment and expression in individuals and in the group dynamics. As the curriculum writer of the training notes for the Level Up Personal Coaching program, she is deeply interested in the blend of theory and praxis in relatefulness.

Outside of The Relateful Company, Ellyn is a learning strategist at a global top university and a consultant, facilitator, and coach in leadership and development, and in diversity, inclusion, access, and equity. Her work incorporates social cognitive neuroscience, somatic psychology, applied Integral Theory, and indigenous wisdoms she is currently learning through the generosity of First Nations teachers and elders.

Ellyn is certified as a somatic-psychology counsellor. She previously worked in technical communications and marketing for high-tech and large-scale industries (IT, energy and defense, biotech, pharma, agriculture). What’s alive for her now is an interest in emotional intelligence in artificial intelligence; holistic and socioecological pedagogies; and emergent leadership.

Ellyn lives in Canada and remains drawn to England and Hawaii, but NYC (Brooklyn!) is her heart-home forever.


1-1 Sessions with Ellyn

What is your educational background?

BSc and MSc in Biology; graduate diploma in Journalism (science focus). Certifications in: Core Energetics, Relateful Coaching, and Neuroleadership; training in Conversational Intelligence™.

What are your relateful personal interests?

Self-leadership, attunement, awareness, responsible freedom.

Do you have a favorite book, movie, or a TV show that you would like to share, and say how/why it speaks to you?

These days: Shoresy, for the Canadiana, the storytelling and soundtracking, and the grittier Ted Lasso-esque feel-goods.

Fun fact: Is there something fun or unexpected about you that you’d like to share with the world?

Dogs are the best.