About Enrique

Enrique Fernandez is a Circling facilitator who works from the heart: "I love people and I'm genuinely curious about them". He started to Circle in 2014 and was hooked by the transformation that happened to people in front of his eyes, and by the togetherness that the practice brought to the group.

In 2015 he completed his Circling Training and later that year he co-founded Circling Evolution. He has been running regular Circling events in the UK ever since. He has worked at the online platform Circle Anywhere as a facilitator since 2018. His passions are to organise and grow authentic communities and co-create with other leaders, and to use Circling as a tool for conflict resolution and creating fertile environment for growth and connection.

Besides his work as a Circling facilitator, Enrique works as a veterinarian, and has a busy family life in the beautiful English countryside where he lives with his wife, three children, and a dog.

What Enrique loves about Circling: "Both leading and practicing Circling is stretching my abilities and putting my patterns and blocks under the microscope". He sees Circling as a catalyst for human evolution and as an accelerator of human connections and personal transformation.

If you really knew him you'd know that he is very playful in one on one connections, but he can become quite shy in big groups.

(Written by Ilmer Rozendaal)

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