About Fabiola

It comes as no surprise Fabiola feels at home being relateful - she’s practiced circling for 5 years and became a facilitator 4 years ago, which is what she’s been doing ever since. Becoming one of our certified coaches seemed like the natural next step for her and she did just that.

Fabiola says she often feels like a river in flow. Water starts to describe some of her magic: Deceptively simple, mysterious and fun. She brings a trustable directness and deep capacity to be with what is.

She can also feel like the one carrying the torch to the most hidden places within us; what we are afraid to expose. That includes our pleasure, joy, and bliss; how afraid we are of how good it can be. Being in connection with her can feel like something precious is finding the light, in whispers and crackles.

She’s originally from Venezuela, but Switzerland has been her home the last 13 years... no wonder she loves chocolate!


1-1 Sessions with Fabiola
Meet Fabiola (Video)

What is your educational background?

I majored in teaching and then went on to study a Master Degree in HR. I approved all subjects and finished the final thesis, which I couldn't present because I had to leave my country of origin in a rush...and couldn't go back.

What are your relateful personal interests?

At the moment, I get excited about the exploration process of what we consider the "dark/shadow" and/or what we think is wrong with us. The shift of perception often feels like the turning of leaves in autumn.

Do you have a favorite book, movie, or TV show that you would like to share, and say how/why it speaks to you?

  • The Piano (with Holly Hunter). Its soundtrack music will forever follow me wherever I go, and if poetry could be made into a movie, this one nails it. 
  • Tàr (with Cate Blanchett). I think it's a masterpiece of nuances, foreshadows, symbols, and I love that it portrays a genius who is also a deeply faulty human being.
  • Anything from writer Horacio Quiroga (Uruguay). He speaks to my, sometimes, dark, dark heart. If some of Van Gogh's paintings would turn into books, Quiroga would be the author. Isabelle Allende, from Chile, I think is also the best story teller ever!

Fun fact: Is there something fun or unexpected about you that you’d like to share with the world?

  • I met Jordan on an island in Thailand! After a circling weekend I told him: "I want into CA (at that time), what do I have to do?" I like to say he went to Asia to recruit me. Jordan being who he is, authorized this version of events ;-)
  • I'm a dream interpretation geek. It gets really wild when looking at them through the relateful practice lens.


Marina Levit

“I achieved incredible results in my one-on-one session with Fabiola. Her seeing me so deeply had an enormous impact and resulted in the internal shift that I've been working towards for a few years now but was afraid to make on my own. What amazed me in the session was that she didn't give me any advice, and didn't push me towards anything. Instead, she reflected on what I was sharing in a way that gave me confidence to move forward on my own. I am very grateful to Fabiola for her impact and would recommend her to anyone who is willing to receive from the heart”