About Jason

Jason carries a powerful energy that manifests as a subtle, strong discernment. Being with Jason, you are invited to explore the depths of this human experience and will always be met with love. Jason's love feels like welcoming the truth of the moment, and he deeply understands the complexities that arise within us. Through his own personal growth work, experience as a spiritual leader, and professional work as a counselor, Jason has either been where you are or has intimately walked the path with someone who has.

You can expect Jason to show up. His ability to attune to the group or person he is with is nearly unmatched, as he dances between soft and direct manifestations of love. While Jason definitely has his own struggles, you can always expect him to own his shortcomings in time. Being relateful with Jason invites everyone into deeper truth and ownership. 

(Written by Dara Harmon)


1-1 Sessions with Jason