About Lisa

Lisa is as deeply soft as she is wildly fierce. With a vast background, ranging from acting using Meisner technique to working as a lawyer, Lisa brings a similarly vast capacity for being to her relateful sessions.

In many ways Lisa’s story begins when, having followed her mother’s chidings and finding herself miserable working at a law firm, she realized that narrative wasn’t for her and quit without knowing what came next. Feeling lost without the career-related identities she’d been defining herself by, she launched into a spiritual journey that led her to psychedelics, ecstatic dance, 5 Rhythms, tantra and other embodiment practices, ultimately to Circling, and now Relatefulness.

In 2017, she began noticing how a Burning Man campmate of hers was showing up differently in relationship, especially in difficult group situations — without blame, in touch with their emotions, authentic and strong. Learning this friend was a Circling facilitator, Lisa signed up for her first facilitator training, sight unseen, and hasn’t looked back since.

Lisa often describes her first immersion like being a mutant arriving at X-Men school, a place she could discover, understand and deepen in her own powers, especially in her capacity as an energetic being. “Circling felt like a power I could learn to yield.” 

The practice swiftly changed her life, her relationships deepening aside an increased capacity to be with herself and with others, and allowing her to show up in herself and her life more fully. She’s now committed to sharing the practice with others, as a facilitator, and in her mediation and coaching work, in hopes others receive as many gifts from the practice as she has. She especially loves working with others around sexuality and learning to live more fully in their bodies. She says, “The quality of our lives depends on the quality of the stories we’re telling. Circling has given me tools to tell different stories”.

Lisa’s sessions are compelling. Her commitment to the truth of the moment is contagious and her wisdom permeates the space around her.

(Written by Stephanie Hagermeister)


1-1 Sessions with Lisa