About Liz

Artistic, funny, inquisitive, humble, and quiet in nature, Liz brings an immense range of flavors to the spaces she holds. Her hispanic roots set a unique tone to her presence, and her background in somatic psychotherapy adds a depth of understanding of human nature that has participants feel seen, got, and loved, exactly as they are. 

Liz brings all sorts of innovative tools into her container, and yet with a beginner's mind she carries a beautiful and welcoming presence. Her yearning to grow and deepen her own path have her continuously surprise you, and you may find her joy for life contagious. Liz is always willing to have a good look in the places where she doesn't know herself, and to discover new deeper layers.

Mother of Alexander, wife to Philip, and an epic artist & facilitator, her life flows as a continuous adventure in the eternal unfolding of human experience.

(Written by Tataya Bailey)


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