About Lucie

"Passionate about imagining movements connected to our souls, our authentic expression and subtle energies."

Lucie has been dancing since she was three years old. Dance was her first love, and is her biggest relationship. As a child, she'd struggle to communicate her wants or needs. But dancing outside with the leaves, she could communicate with the trees. Dancing gave her freedom.

Circling helped her learn to communicate with people and put her in contact with her humanity. It gave her the ability to express her version of the world.

"One of my main skills is the ability to be with others. Circling allows me to be with them and grow."

Lucie is drawn to a feeling she calls 'being at home' - when people open up and share their vulnerable self. "It's similar to a dance performance, to being on stage, when you feel everyone opening up, and I thought, I want to be like this all the time".

"I imagine movements to support people in moving freely close to their soul."

As a student of choreography, Lucie stresses precision and beauty. She loves the freedom of the body when it is dancing, and wants to share that freedom with others. She uses Circling to communicate with her dancers from a place of love. "I want my dancers to feel good in their body, and I also want the audience to see something simple and something that can move people".

I met Lucie at the 2019 Circling Festival, where I attended one of her dance classes. I was terrified of dancing in front of other people, but with her mix of support and challenge, I was moving freely in front of people by the end of the hour.

Being with Lucie, I feel moved by how fully and honestly she expresses what she is feeling. The way smiles spread fully across her face one moment, and tears come rushing out the next, you sense you are in the presence of a full human being.

(Written by Brian Raszap Skorbiansky)


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