$150.00 USD


The Music of Relating

An entirely new way of seeing Music.

An entirely new way of seeing Relatefulness.

An entirely new way of seeing Life.

Discover What Music Can Show You About Relating Better With Yourself and Everyone In Your Life!

This exciting new course includes hours of video content, extensive notes, and bonus materials:

  • Harmony & Attunement
  • Voice Ranges & Wisdoms
  • Hearing & Listening
  • Rhythm & Silence
  • Overtones & Undertones
  • Interoception

Hosted by Annabeth Novitzki and a world class team of co-instructors:

  • Jordan Myska Allen
  • Kedar Shashidhar
  • Lisa Rombach
  • Philip Watson
  • Adam Sippola
  • Ladaun Jackson
  • Liz Watson