About Renée

Renée deeply values exploring what arises moment-to-moment in connection. Similar to how an artist mixes colors together, she blends her gifts of insight, gentle presence, and deep, authentic inquiry to help paint the picture of what it means to be human together.

For over a decade, Renée has committed herself to this cause and advocates for the inherent goodness in people. She continues to be a driver and leader in communities and programs that support people’s well-being and leadership.

Having Renée in a relateful session or as a coach can open up rooms in your consciousness you didn’t know were there, and she’s gently with you every step of the way. I’m delighted to have been given the gift of her presence.

(written by Tess Irina)


1-1 Sessions with Renée

What people are saying:


“I took the chance for a 1:1 session with Renée after an experience of feeling deeply unseen and rejected. My heart full of pain and my mind full of questions: why does contact sometimes feel so wrong, why are connections often so unsatisfying, how can it happen that both can feel so unseen? And most important, what is my part in all of this...? I am very thankful that Renée showed me some insights to this. I felt ashamed and relieved at the same time when she pointed out what she sees and feels in contact with me. To sit with this feedback, to face it, to feel it and to step by step accept it a few hours later, was a relief. The space that was created for me by another human being opened the space to turn to myself in another way - more truthful and more gentle. It is interesting how many different layers still appear when I think of the session. There was something deeply essential for me in this experience. Thank you.”


“My one-on-one birthday Circle was a one-of-a-kind experience of being unconditionally accepted and supported. On top of being a treat to have someone's attention on me for a whole hour, the mirror that Renee held up for me was truly insightful. It showed me an area of my life where I wasn't allowing myself to trust. That topic felt surprisingly alive for me, and by the time we were complete, my relationship to female friendships had already started to shift. So empowering!”


“This was my first Circling experience and I was unsure of what I would experience or how deep the process would be for me, or if I would even "want" to experience the Circling and what might come up. My curiosity trumped my fears and I discovered that a perfect stranger could "see" me. Renee was able to pick up on so much of my emotional world, that I had the very rare feeling of being seen and accepted just as, and even celebrated as is. The concept of just being, just accepting and Circling in general has allowed me to slow down my internal process which is so outcome driven and orientated to fix myself. I would describe Circling as a tool that has allowed me to stay in the present and understand my processes by simplifying the process of being into breath, sensations, tolerances to my inner world and acceptance of my being as it is. I would like to thank Renee for helping me to see myself in kinder light and for being with me in my process to experience a lifted weight of emotion that I hope others can feel too.”


“I’ve still been processing my experience with Renee and with this Circling phenomenon. It was certainly a catalyst for deeper exploration. It felt wonderful to allow myself to be seen even as I sat with my fear of this very kind of vulnerability. Being held and witnessed by Renee’s gentle presence felt like a salve for the parts of me that both fear attention and long for it. Our session was deeply moving and restorative. Thank you for such a necessary and beautiful offering.”