About Stephanie

To be with Stephanie is to feel both the softness and fire of feminine power. She comes with tenderness and sensitivity, and a strong stand for what she believes in. Which includes embodiment -- deep trust in the wisdom of our bodies, and the agency we have to be at cause and in the seat of control in our own lives.

For Stephanie, embodiment is for everyone -- not just for those of us that already feel connected to our bodies. In a back brace starting at six, and undergoing a series of medical procedures throughout her childhood, including a spinal fusion at 12, she learned to disassociate from her body as a way to survive. Her journey to embodiment and the discoveries she’s made along the way could likely fill volumes, but suffice it to say that embodiment for Stephanie includes our lackof sensation and our disassociation, as part of our felt, embodied experience. She is welcoming of all bodies and all experiences of embodiment, wherever one is on their journey.

Having worked in tech for over a decade, Stephanie is also passionate about working with women in tech to feel supported and empowered in bringing their wholeness -- including their feelings and their femininity -- into their work. She believes it is imperative to include more balance within a currently male-dominated industry that is engineering our collective futures.

She’s also trained in Somatic Experiencing, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, and Tantric Yoga. She loves to move her body in space through practices like dance and yoga, and express herself creatively, especially through music, painting, cooking (seriously, she has excellent taste in music!).

(written by Lisa Lapan)


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