About Tess

Tess is a perpetual student of life and harbors an insatiable curiosity about what makes people tick and why. Her strong and courageous spirit is easy to spot, yet beyond the first glimpse you’ll find Tess is also quite sensitive. Her gift is using her sword to ‘cut through’ and get to the core of the matter. For me, she is inviting and role-models a clarity and directness that calls us to make the most of any moment. From this space, we can see more of and go deeper into what is here, adding more richness and color to our experiences.

Since discovering circling in 2018, her way of relating to herself and others has completely shifted. Her favorite principle is "Trusting Your Experience,” which has transformed her ability to follow her gut and intuition. It can also be her most challenging principle to practice.

Aside from being relateful, Tess also pours her heart into her work. She has been an entrepreneur since 2004 and currently runs a software company in the transportation and logistics industry she founded in 2013. For fun, you’ll find her chasing wind around the world for kitesurfing or cozying up with a great book.

In relatefulness with Tess, you can expect to be held and seen in whatever is arising for you, and to be supported in getting to the essence of whatever is bubbling up.

(Written by Renee Ryerson)


1-1 Sessions with Tess