About Tristana

Tristana’s warm, welcoming groundedness will have anyone feel right at home from the moment they meet her.

She exemplifies integrity and care as she navigates the emotional territory a circle may find itself in.

She embodies wisdom with her listening and attunement to the group throughout the practice. Her remarkable ability to name exactly what is happening during a circle, in the perfect time, with true grace, generally unlocks a previously unknown group dynamic, generating a great deal of relief during highly tense moments. Tristana masterfully balances caution and fierceness via her penetrating loving presence. She creates space for others to be exactly as they are, and her allowance for what-is usually goes unmatched. She is generous as she is lovely, inside and out. She quietly acts behind the scenes supporting the Relateful Austin studio, a major benefit to all in-house facilitators and members alike. Her passion and precision for organization makes everyone else’s job easy, thankfully. Tristana’s advocacy for her friends to know their worth and value in the world is encouraging beyond words. She’s a beautifully sensitive soul and it’s a real treat for anyone to be in her presence.

Outside of relatefulness, Tristana has a degree in Human Biology from Stanford University and her 500hr certification in yoga, and by day is the Edible Education Programs leader for an international foundation… all of which lend themselves to a common nerding out on the intersectionality of physiology, spirituality, psychology, movement, nutrition, place and energy.

(Written by Amber WIlliams)


1-1 Sessions with Tristana