About Viktoria

A gentle version of the motto; “Walk softly and carry a big stick” could describe Viktoria’s relatefulness. Being with her, in her natural softness and stillness, can open potent experiences of vast presence and consciousness “itself” — with a warmth, aliveness, and beauty that can be missing from more-ascetic consciousness practices.

It seems organic for Viktoria to invite the fullness of what relating can be: Heart-felt, intimate, delight in the aliveness, and beauty of exactly-what-is-here, and clear 'awakeness' to the now. It’s potent to be able to experience this depth of awareness in combination with the sweetness and pleasure Viktoria holds in being alive and in connection.

(Written by Ellyn Kerr)

What is your educational background?

I have a master´s degree in ecology.

What are your relateful personal interests?

Exploring fundamental relateful human needs. Back to basics.

Fun fact: Is there something fun or unexpected about you that you’d like to share with the world?

I'm renovating a yurt.

Do you have a passion or purpose, a personal goal or aspiration, or a personal motto?

To be a human resource with nature. To scale down to what is serving, and work to build up ecology resilience for the next generation.

Are there any significant life experiences that you have faced that have developed your character and may provide insight into who you are?

Building up rich soils with a permaculture approach on a nature repossessed forest property, with the intention to nourish the local environment and humans with creative wonder and nutrient dense food.

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