About Jordan Myska Allen

Founder of Relatefulness & The Relateful Company. Author of Three Things Thursday email.

Like all of us, Jordan Myska Allen is many things. Some include: Entrepreneur, dad, philosopher, husband, lover of cats, founder of Relatefulness. He's known for his innovative approach to relationship practices, group facilitation, and integral leadership, and is the author of the acclaimed Integral novel, A Beautiful Apocalypse. (recent writing on the Relateful blog)

Jordan has been teaching individuals, groups, and executive teams around the world for more than fifteen years. In the past five years he and his team of four dozen facilitators have been applying Integral and relateful practices to aligning Artificial Intelligence.

Both in and outside of work, Jordan enjoys being a father of two and exploring what it means to live a good life. A graduate of Rice University with a degree in Religious Studies, Allen also spent four years touring with a funk band. 

Currently, Jordan serves as the founder and CEO of UpTrust, a technology company committed to civilizational alignment through improved internet dialogue and algorithmic advancements.

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Coaching with Jordan

What are your areas of expertise/research interests within the self-development/awareness context?

My interests are always evolving; some classics include Integral Theory, collective self-awareness, collective action, organizational development and culture, relationship to money, nonduality and how other mystical practice intersect and don't, metaphysical assumptions and underpinnings, pedagogy.

What are your relateful personal interests?

Again these are constantly shifting, but right now looking at how this all gets applied to the places with least alignment in our world (like the Middle East).

Are there any inspirational or influential people you’d like to mention? What about them means something to you?

My biggest influences are Ken Wapnick and Ken Wilber. They both exemplify big heart and big mind, and have managed to create new kosmic grooves that are grounded and normal, despite taking hits along the way.

Do you have a favorite book, movie, or TV show that you would like to share, and say how/why it speaks to you?

Babe the Pig, the best movie on yin and yang leadership I've ever seen; Mad Max: Fury Road; the best movie on the spiritual journey and how what we're seeking we already have, and yet we can't quite recognize it without going on the journey. (Lots more like this on the relateful blog under the sociosomnia category)

 (Jordan's not taking on new clients for now)

What people are saying about Jordan:

Terry Patten, Integral Life Practice:

“Jordan Allen is a force of nature—passionately, dynamically, creatively alive. To encounter his fierce multidimensional caring intelligence is to be given a tangible reason to be hopeful for our future”

Matt, California:

"I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed and benefited from our session. It reminded me why I was drawn to Circling in the first place, and it made me see the potential of this work all over again."

Griffin, Texas:

"Just sitting in connection with Jordan - it’s impossible to not raise your consciousness. Sitting in that place is the only way I have access to the things that truly matter - the things I sought as a mathematician and social entrepreneur. Now I see beauty in the small and subtle things. I’m able to feel the satisfaction of success I already had."

Pamela, New York:

"Coaching with Jordan this year has really helped catapult me out of places where I have been hiding for a long while. And even though I’m still easing my way out, I already see and feel more of myself - so precious to me."

Ken Wilber, on Jordan's book: 

A Beautiful Apocalypse is a splendid presentation of Integral ideas in a novel form—a highly readable, engaging, and altogether fun novel. Give it a little time and see if you don’t agree…”