Purchase your Relateful Camp ticket now!
Purchase your Relateful Camp ticket now!

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As well as all the above sessions and workshops, check out all the activities we've got lined up...

Horseback Riding

Organized by Camp Olympia


Organized by Camp Olympia

Two-person Zipline

Organized by Camp Olympia


Organized by Camp Olympia

Climbing Wall with Auto-belay


Available anytime.


Instructed by Camp Olympia’s ballistics expert and firearms safety guide


Will be offered during designated hours.

Morning Dance Party!

Organized by Josefine Roeding with DJ $enya


Let’s dance and celebrate US! Welcome to a mix of two beloved practices: 5 Rhythms dance and Relatefulness flow! Show up as you are or dress up as the you who you dream to be more of.


Lifeguard provided by Camp Olympia


Will be offered during designated hours.

Morning Dance Awakening and Emergence
with Thea Kremser


Morning moving meditation practice with music and minimal words/talking. Minimal guidance other than at key points in the practice, moving from a body drop in, a gentle body-led awakening, into active connection with others if desired.


Organized by Annabeth Novitzki


Imagine how it might feel to be surrounded by giant bubbles, floating in the air everywhere you look. Annabeth will provide lots of giant bubble wands we can share to make giant bubbles together. The only rule is that if someone new comes up and wants to join in and also try making bubbles, you have to hand them your bubble wand!

Star tour

with Lisa Lapan

Lying down and looking up at the stars, learning about the sky and contemplating our place in the cosmos, relatefully!


Organized by Camp Olympia


Enjoy your love of music by singing your favorite songs with each other with a supportive vibe of play and expression. You can find the Karaoke backing tracks for the songs you love to sing on YouTube, and those will be the backing tracks at this event.



Available anytime.

Capture the Flag

with Jordan Myska Allen and Joel Harrison

Three-person Giant Swing

Organized by Camp Olympia

Relateful Camp will be like nothing you've ever experienced before, join us and book a place now!



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