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Relateful Sessions:


Flow Variation: A-27

with Michael Blas


The hardest thing to train in development is concentration. Everybody loves mindfulness but it’s a bit harder to actually stay with something continuously while also flowing with the wider group. For this 3 hour segment you will commit to connecting with a small group and then take that connection into ever-widening large flows.

When’s the last time you committed to somebody?

When’s the last time someone has committed to you?

Relateful Coaching Sampler

with Valerie Daniel


Relateful Coaching is a powerful way to get more of what you want out of life. 

In this session, we'll give you a taste of this powerful way to look at challenges in your life, how you're relating to them, and explore the unwitting underlying commitments that may be keeping those challenges in place.

"Nondual" Relateful Practices

with Jordan Myska Allen


We’re going to play with a bunch of practices designed to remind us of certain facts about experience which are easy to overlook, but seem obvious when seen. We’ll share simple, grounded experiences in relating that some might call "mystical."

The term ‘nonduality’ is fraught and we won't debate distinctions, but I want to offer a straightforward way people can relate as presence and include a much more spacious and free self-identity in their relating.

No experience or philosophical background necessary.

Relateful Fundamentals for Everyone

with Annabeth Novitzki


This session will be the perfect introduction for folks brand new to Relatefulness, and will also be super engaging for experienced practitioners.

We’ll start with lots of pair practices where you’ll be offered one skill at a time to practice together. Then we’ll move to guided practices with groups of three or four people at a time. By the end of the session, you’ll have core competencies that will let you attend any Relatefulness session knowing some excellent ways to engage and participate.

This session will also be a great way to meet new people at the beginning of the retreat!

Morning Meditation, Journaling, and Focus

with Alex Perrone


This morning meditation will be followed by recollective journaling (bring your notebook!) where we connect with the intimacy of our experience in meditation. Then we will open up the space with a variant of Focus sessions that delves into dialoguing what occurred in our meditation session. In this way, you can deepen your meditation practice through Relateful Focus and find more meaning in your sittings.

Fundamentals & Flow en Español

with Liz Watson, Philip Watson, & Cristina Barcia


Ven y aprende con nosotros los principios de nuestra práctica o solo practica en español. Fundamentos, Círculos enfocados, Practica de movimiento, Flow.

Relateful Dating

with Dara Harmon


Use your skills to find love...or maybe just a camp crush ;)

We'll explore relateful ways of dating: Building connection, being with attraction and non-attraction, and have fun flirting in relateful ways.

Relational Habit Breaking: Relating with your Left Hand

with Mitra Peter Park


All of us have our relational patterns and habits. Some of us tend to hang back and deflect attention. Others are always trying to put on a smiling face and stay positive. And many, many more.

In this session, we'll help each other identify one relational tendency that we want to practice doing less of and wanting to practice its opposite. Then we'll share each other's deliberate relational practice and do a Flow session together practicing it.

Playground Flow

with Shane Orton


Run around and play on a jungle gym while we talk about what’s happening internally/externally in each moment.

Tantric Relatefulness Workshop

with Liz Watson & Philip Watson


An exploration of aware and embodied presence in connection.

The essence of tantra is the endlessly evolving dance of emptiness and form: The relationship between the archetypal masculine and the archetypal feminine, between pure awareness and juicy embodiment.

Join us as we explore this most ultimate of all polarities through the practice of presence-in-connection known as Relatefulness. Using practices of movement and stillness and the Relateful structures of Focus and Flow, we’ll delve experientially into the relationship between awareness and embodiment, and we may even stumble into their ever-present non-separateness. At the very least, we’ll discover more of ourselves by paying closer attention to how we’re relating, allowing the innate intelligence of our connections to work its liberating magic. 

Please note: This is not a workshop on sexuality, no intimate sexual contact is involved. Rather, this is an invitation to a deepening of intimacy with all that we are, from our procreate urges and instinctual drives to the utterly empty and always-already-free awareness that is reading these words and witnessing every experience (and everything in between.)

Relateful Embodiment and Aliveness

with Josefine Roeding & daughter Senya


Relatefulness isn’t just about becoming more present, it’s also about showing up more alive and embodying what you are experiencing. With the guidance of a master in embodiment (baby Senya) we’ll embark on a fun and transformative journey where we claim more aliveness in our relating!

Dimensions of Flow

with Blake Borgeson 


Spend an hour exploring a few of the many different dimensions/axis we have available in relating: Self-other, physical-emotional-...-abstract, breadth-depth, individual-collective. Then we'll Flow for an hour and watch what happens.

Fatherhood Flow

with Adam Sippola & Stephanos James


A 60-minute Flow session for dads, papas, and fathers to be with each other in what arises in and through us around the theme of fatherhood.

...and lots of Classic Focus and Flow Sessions

with nearly everyone


Can you ever get enough Flow? Can you ever get enough Focus? There will almost always be someone from our facilitation team leading the gold standard practices that have led to wild transformation and connection throughout the years.  




How NOT to Start a Cult

with Jordan Myska Allen & Pete Michaud


Many of you are leaders of powerful transformative practices, are charismatic, and you’re leading in a cultural context where the “death of God” and community make many of us extremely susceptible to cult dynamics. As a leader, how do you keep yourself from unethical behavior, justified through state changes, fancy philosophy, shadow or sheer ignorance? The temptations to accept others’ decision-making power when handed to you, or craft systems that slowly but surely put you at the top (amongst other abuses), are extremely high—especially when you still need validation, your livelihood or personal mission is tied to your practice growing, and when you’re genuinely helping people wake up, clean up, and grow up. In this (almost) no-holds-barred talk, Jordan, creator of the Relateful approach, and Pete Michaud, former director of CFAR, discuss from their personal experience... including a lot of mistakes and lucky misses.

Terminator: The Game to End ALL Games

with Michael Blas


It can often be difficult to collaborate when focusing on someone. There are so many moves, interesting questions, and sometimes one or two people are so good at it all that it can feel easier to just sit back and maybe share something at the end.


During this 3 hour session we will break apart the basic moves of focusing and everybody will only have to use one move at a time!

Don’t think this means it’s for kindergarteners only. Each move has seemingly infinite permutations and ways it can be blended into connection!

Status, Power, Submission

with Dara Harmon


Hierarchy, whether you choose to acknowledge it, like or hate it, exists. When you walk into a room, subtle power games initiate. We'll use this session to experiment with how our leadership shows up, what social games we play, and experiment with our perceived status- playing in the spaces of submission and authority.

Befriending Your Nervous System

with Mercedes Jayne


Safely explore connecting to your body and breath. Learn simple, effective practices for cultivating a felt sense of safety & connection. Practice tending and befriending your nervous system. Support your long-term health, wellbeing and resilience.

Connection is nearly impossible when our nervous systems are totally freaking out. If we spend much of our togetherness in a combination of flight, fight, and freeze - or suppressing these activations with the intent of "staying in connection" - we may be impairing our long-term capacity to be present and connect with others.

This session will offer a series of simple practices to help you experience your current nervous system state and gradually learn to regulate it, allowing you to access a greater sense of safety and calmness in your interpersonal connections.

Voice Masterclass

with Annabeth Novitzki


Annabeth will teach mini voice lessons live in front of an audience. The people being taught will have applied for the opportunity to explore their relationship with their body as an instrument of expression while being guided through the experience.

Improv Comedy Workshop

with Kish Yu


Have fun, get loose, and be silly and spontaneous! We'll do a series of improv warm-ups and games. Suitable for improvisers of all levels, including total newbies.

Beyond Money: From Beliefs to Bitcoin, A Relateful Exploration

with Philip Watson


Deepen your understanding of money and clarify your relationship with it. In this session we will explore what money is and how each of us is currently relating with it. We'll do practices that can help us surface our underlying beliefs about money and we'll get more clarity on how those beliefs are creating our experience of financial abundance (or lack thereof). We'll also learn about money itself, including a brief overview of monetary history, how money functions today (and how dysfunctional it can be), and what money is evolving into. This last part will include an introduction to the monetary technology know as Bitcoin, exploring some of its use cases while debunking some common misconceptions about it.

Leading Intentional Communities: Pros and Pitfalls

with Mitra Peter Park


Most of us grew up without a strong community. Once upon a time we dreamed instead about passive income, being a digital nomad, and being the ultimate individual. Yet, increasingly, we are yearning for relationship and belonging with intentional communities. This session will include a discussion on shared yearnings, learnings, mistakes, and more.

Heart of Touch: A Biodynamic Relational Workshop

with Miriam Kislak and Adam Sippola


A 3 hour workshop where participants learn, practice, and apply fundamental principles and skills of awareness and touch from a Biodynamic Craniosacral orientation. We will explore the collective healing potential at the confluence of dynamic stillness and relational mindfulness.

  • Learn the Biodynamic principles and skills of interoception, inner repose, abiding in neutral, non-doing, attunement, and resonance.
  • Practice these principles and skills through self touch, partnered touch, and group touch.
  • Apply our learning and practice to energetic contact through the heart coherence field.
  • Explore how Relateful Flow can enhance the healing potency of life in the group body.

Let’s amplify the sensitivity and presence of our physical and energetic touch, evolve consciousness in our bodies, and rest in the dynamic stillness and flow of love together, because remembered wholeness is a collective process.

Pleasure through Presence

with Lisa Lapan and Mitch Lewis

We all want more pleasure in our lives in theory, but we have all kinds of good reasons for not actually inviting more pleasure in in practice. In this session we’ll explore where pleasure lives in our bodies, along with our blocks to receiving pleasure, and see what we can learn when we slow down to be with what arises. This session will involve no physical touch.

Meet the Relateful Camp facilitators




Horseback Riding

Organized by Camp Olympia


Organized by Camp Olympia

Two-person Zipline

Organized by Camp Olympia


Organized by Camp Olympia

Climbing Wall with Auto-belay


Available anytime.


Instructed by Camp Olympia’s ballistics expert and firearms safety guide


Will be offered during designated hours.

Morning Dance Party!

Organized by Josefine Roeding with DJ $enya


Let’s dance and celebrate US! Welcome to a mix of two beloved practices: 5 Rhythms dance and Relatefulness flow! Show up as you are or dress up as the you who you dream to be more of.


Lifeguard provided by Camp Olympia


Will be offered during designated hours.

Morning Dance Awakening and Emergence
with Thea Kremser


Morning moving meditation practice with music and minimal words/talking. Minimal guidance other than at key points in the practice, moving from a body drop in, a gentle body-led awakening, into active connection with others if desired.


Organized by Annabeth Novitzki


Imagine how it might feel to be surrounded by giant bubbles, floating in the air everywhere you look. Annabeth will provide lots of giant bubble wands we can share to make giant bubbles together. The only rule is that if someone new comes up and wants to join in and also try making bubbles, you have to hand them your bubble wand!

Star tour

with Lisa Lapan

Lying down and looking up at the stars, learning about the sky and contemplating our place in the cosmos, relatefully!


Organized by Camp Olympia


Enjoy your love of music by singing your favorite songs with each other with a supportive vibe of play and expression. You can find the Karaoke backing tracks for the songs you love to sing on YouTube, and those will be the backing tracks at this event.



Available anytime.

Capture the Flag

with Jordan Myska Allen and Joel Harrison

Three-person Giant Swing

Organized by Camp Olympia

An Emergent Schedule:


What is the Emergent Schedule?


  • It is a schedule of workshops offered by attendees. 
  • Any attendee can offer any workshop, session, activity, or event they want to, with the understanding that there are no drugs, alcohol, nudity, or sexual acts.
  • People who come to Relateful Camp have amazing knowledge, skills, and wisdom to offer to all of us, and we’re inspired to create a publicized way for these gifts to be shared.

Why do I care that there’s an Emergent Schedule?


  • Together, we get to co-create a retreat infinitely more diverse and powerful than any of us could have created alone.
    • This is a beautiful way for us to be the change we wish to see in the world.
  • Self-promotion can be mutually awesome
    • Our event gets to share what you’re passionate about too.
    • When your workshop is added to the Emergent Schedule, it can include the session title, description, your bio, and a link to your website.
    • This can serve as amazing marketing for your mission, brand, or company, including folks seeing it on the website, even people who don’t end up attending, and everyone at the retreat seeing your information on the official schedule.
    • Being able to take advantage of this fantastic marketing opportunity can also potentially allow you to write off your ticket price as a business expense.

How do I add my workshop to the Emergent Schedule?


  1. Purchase a ticket - the sooner the better, because we’ll add your favorite session to the website with your name, bio, and website for all to see. Anyone with a ticket can submit a session to the Emergent Schedule for no additional cost.
  2. Submit the workshop or event you’d most like to offer on the google form, which you’ll receive in an email after purchasing your ticket. 
  3. There will be opportunities to propose offering more workshops or events after that. 

Attendees wanting to offer a workshop at Relateful Camp...


We encourage you to purchase your ticket as soon as possible - the sooner you buy your ticket, the sooner your workshop gets on the schedule, and the more advertising you get with people contemplating attending the retreat.

There is currently no deadline to get involved with the Emergent Schedule.

Relateful Camp will be like nothing you've ever experienced before, join us and book a place now for camp 2024!



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