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Level Up

Level Up Your Connections, Your Personal Growth, and Your Ability to Thrive in All Situations.

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  • Wake Up to a new awareness and fundamental OKness even in the chaos of difficult relationships
  • Show Up more powerfully and gracefully in relationships
  • Clean Up your blind spots, shadows, and ancient wounds
  • Grow Up to higher capacities of leadership maturity
  • Certify as a Relateful Facilitator

Relateful Coaching Training

Practical wisdom drawn from thousands of hours of coaching sessions, with relatefulness as the "Operating System".

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  • Synthesize the meditative, 'non-goal orientation' of relateful ess with the 'more, better, increase your thriving' mentality of 1-1 coaching
  • Make a positive contribution in the world, from a wakeful place of "oneness" which recognizes there's no difference to be made at the absolute/ultimate level of reality
  • Build your business or apply it to the areas of your life where you already act as a mentor, supervisor, or boss

The Beyond Trauma Mindset Course

Say Goodbye To Victimhood & Hello To Empowerment!

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  • 12 videos of content to watch in the comfort of your own home
  • 6 unique practices to help you experience the shifts as you show up in your day-to-day life
  • Over 100 pages of written curriculum so you can read and follow along
  • A global community of likeminded explorers, down to practice everything they're learning at any time
  • Lifetime access so you can review the content later down the line

The Music of Relating

What if you saw your conversations like they were songs? 

What happens when you apply the principles of music to the connections you have with people in your life?

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  • Harmony & attunement with Kedar Shashidar
  • Voice ranges & wisdom with Lisa Rombach
  • Hearing & listening with Jordan Myska Allen
  • Rhythm & silence with Philip Watson
  • Overtones & Undertones with Jordan Myska Allen
  • Interoception with Adam Sippola

Beyond Money

Deepen your understanding of money and clarify your relationship to it.

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  • Over 4 hours of video content + audio versions of all videos
  • Tons of curated resources
  • Optional quizes

Integral Theory

Learn about Waking Up, Growing Up, Cleaning Up, Showing Up,

...and how these relate to the mystical heart of relatefulness.

  • Inhabit a much fuller range of our being
  • Make distinctions and understand complexities and patterns that were hidden before
  • Helps us see and reclaim aspects of our self that we’ve left out of connection
  • Being aware of the co-arising of seer, seeing, seen.
  • Coming into more embodied realization of the nature of reality

Free Relateful Orientation

Get a sense of what relatefulness is at your own pace, anytime anywhere.

This free course uses videos, articles, and practices to clarify what relatefulness is and how to get started.

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  • Core Relateful Concepts 🎯
  • Anytime, Anywhere, Your Pace 🦋
  • Suitable For Any Level 👐