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Get the feedback you need to overcome your blindspots in this personalized, 200 hour leadership course.

So, you’re into (inter)personal development, huh?

Well, then you’ve probably done a lot of work on yourself. You’ve learned a lot, but you’re also probably drowning in books, podcasts, and programs telling you how to improve your life.

You’ve tried a lot of them, and yet you’re still not getting the deep intimacy with life itself that you sense is possible.

If you’re already a leader—whether in a big organization or a small family—all this advice can get even more overwhelming: How do you help improve the lives of those around you?

Are you blind to what’s holding you back?

👁 In our tens of thousands of hours of facilitating people from around the world, we’ve noticed that, counterintuitively, the more successful you are, the harder it is see the blocks to your next level of personal evolution. And the easier it is to be isolated, feeling alone, stuck, and confused as to why you can’t help others reach the potential you so obviously see for them.

Which can lead to immense feelings of inadequacy—or compensatory feelings of being better and more-developed than everyone around you.

Fortunately, over the past eight years we've helped thousands of people like you move beyond these limitations and facilitate powerful breakthroughs in others—including leaders of global companies, startups, and research institutes. 

Rather than increasing the pressure to do and learn more, we help you get good at embracing the truth of the way things are —which means you can regularly see what was previously unseen—including being more honest about what isn't working and what you want to change.

You need a developmental plan as unique as your journey

🪢 And you need it to go beyond your self-authoring alone—you need an interpersonal, dynamic approach that helps you surrender the blocks to the evolutionary force already moving you, and those you lead, towards your greater good and service.

Level Up trains you to continually shift the focus from problems to solve 'out there', in the future, to internal self-understanding, and in-the-moment embrace of the radiant shining forth of your unique and excellent contribution to humanity's thriving.

We help you integrate this awareness of your blindspots into your capacity to give and receive feedback, through facilitating relatefulness (our evolution of circling), so you can inhabit a version of you that is simultaneously more centered and more fluid, more autonomous and more interdependent.

To be clear—your growth isn't a problem to solve

🌱 Your higher potential is calling for you to mature as the natural blossoming of your evolution.

We’re not here to tell you what that is or what to do—we’re here to help you get unstuck, get out of your own way, and get aligned with the purpose that’s already driving you.

You'll learn something new about yourself and how you show up with others every week for the next nine months. You'll learn how you can change those unconscious habits to facilitate better relationships.

Here’s how: 

  • Get Seen. 🤸 10 Personal Relatefulness sessions with your subjective experience as the object of attention (1-1)
  • Get Coached. 🦋 8 Individual Coaching Sessions (1-1)
  • Get Feedback. 💥 8 Supervised Relateful Facilitation Sessions (1-1 feedback on your leadership)
  • Get Connected. 💃 🕺 100+ Hours of Live Group Sessions
  • Get Know-How. 📚 30 Hours of New Curriculum & Examples
  • Get Clarity. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 8 Small Group Certification Sessions
  • + 9 months FREE 😮 access to our online RelatefulAnywhere platform and in-person Relateful Austin Studio!

This 9-month program offers 200 hours of coaching and training with a vibrant community committed to growth, truth, and connection.


But make no mistake: Level Up is seriously tough work.

You've been around the block so you know that real transformation can be scary, painful, and uncomfortable. There are no shortcuts or workarounds to the enormity of letting go of old ways of being that no longer serve your highest functioning. (And you wouldn't trust anyone who says otherwise).

You also know that it is definitely worth it.

We'll be with you, coaching you to make sure any struggles are the meaningful kind that make us proud of our accomplishments, what we've been through and who we've become as a result.

And everything you learn will be put to the test in the crucible of relational leadership —through relateful facilitation.

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Here's the plan:

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  5. Get unstuck and enjoy positive breakthroughs all around you 🤸
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Real Growth Through Level Up⬆

Do any of these Common Problems in relating sound familiar?

→ Getting Stuck
: I keep going around in loops, always sensing that there’s a potential for more, but never really knowing how to get there.  Then I’m pretty hard on myself, and sometimes when I try to do something different, I make it worse.

→ Blindspots: I know I’ve got blindspots and shadows. How do I get support from others to help me? Sometimes when people try to tell me stuff, I already know it, I just don’t agree with it, or it seems like it’s really about them.

→ Frustration: When others don’t own their stuff I get triggered: I freeze, disassociate, or get angry and end up hurting people I love. How can I make a positive difference in the lives of people around me?

→ Impossible Choices: When dealing with difficult people I feel like I have to choose between walking away, feeling like a dick, or being a doormat.

→ Giving Feedback: I try to give people feedback and they close up and blame me. It's not worth it so I just learn to tolerate stuff I don't like and minimize my exposure. But then I feel isolated.

→ Loneliness: When I try to show up authentically, I weird people out, seem un-attuned, impolite, and unprofessional.

→ Powerless: When I try to get others to grow and change, I often find them resistant despite my best efforts.

If You're Ready to Kick These Frustrations to the Curb, We'll Help You Learn To:
  1. Trust your gut (and yourself), and develop deep intuition, including attuning to the readiness of others.
  2. See your blindspots and and get curious about reality, acknowledging your projections and assumptions about situations and people.
  3. Manage emotional triggers by stepping out from inside the emotional tornado and witnessing reactivity as an observer. This allows you to make more conscious choices and guide others out of the traps of emotional upset and vicious relational cycles. You're also free to choose to more fully embody the emotions!
  4. Acknowledge your boundaries, and in doing so feel the ease and comfort of connections without defensiveness and resentment.
  5. Overcome old patterns by honoring the need or value that these misguided habits seek to protect.
  6. Get unstuck in life and relationships by listening to your internal resistance with curiosity and compassion.
  7. Experience flow throughout your life through the freedom of presence.
  8. Attune your body and feel into your emotions and intuition, dropping the mental analysis and rationalizations that leads you nowhere fast.
  9. Overcome the fear of uncertainty by surrendering to the recognition that certainty is an illusion, and become the kind of leader who can thrive in a world of constant evolution.
  10. Connect authentically with others through honesty and presence, and become the kind of person others can’t help but be authentic with as well.

Let us help you avoid the most common pitfalls in interpersonal development and move toward relational mastery.

Start today, from wherever you are in the world 🗺 

Level Up training can be completed entirely virtually. We pioneered bringing the transformative power of relatefulness through video starting all the way back in 2014 before pandemics and Circling™.

In addition to the virtual program, we offer three in-person intensives for those who want to, and are able to make it; currently offered in Austin, TX 🇺🇸.

We also offer Europe and South America (Spanish) destination weekend intensives.

Level Up in-person weekends run from 10 am to 6 pm local time, for four days. 

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V I R T U A L - Anywhere

Level Up training can be completed entirely virtually. This makes it easy for you to leverage the expertise of our diverse crew regardless of your location.

Level Up's personalized, asynchronous design helps you integrate new identities and insights into your daily life.

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Here's What Some of Our Students Say...



"I've experienced being loved and loving others - every single day ...I have no idea of how big the ripple effect of this is. I love the videos, the daily contact with the community, the growth and the presence, the 1-1 and 1-1-1 and coaching, the certifications sessions, all of it! It's just making my life fuller in so many ways."


"The facilitators are world-class amazing. The peers are fantastic, it feels like we're all growing in the same direction and supporting each other along the way - even in the regular sessions out on the platform. This course has my highest recommendation, and I'm so grateful to be part of it."


"Ken Wilber wrote brilliantly the modern map of what is, but I have never felt satisfied with his attempts at Integral Practice. This is the piece that was missing."


"It seems to meet me wherever I am in life and gives me what I need."


"This just makes sense for anyone that is fairly well adjusted and wants to be more present and connected, or who wants to facilitate."

What our pro facilitators say:

"This course is SO F***ING GOOD. It’s filling in all these little gaps in my own training. I love it." - Philip W

"Mindblowing. Awesome source of inspiration/reminder of what/why we do what we do here. 💖🌟🎯🔥" - Fabiola R

"I can watch every one (of the demo videos with commentary) 10 times and understand something new each time." - Annabeth N

"I am learning SO much as a leader. I LOVE THIS!!" - Liz W

More video testimonials here!

Got more questions? We've got answers.

Meet the faculty, see a sample schedule, and find out more about the incredible journey.

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Get "Unstuck" in the Areas of Your Life that Matter Most.

Whether it’s your family, your health, your love, your abundance, your life purpose, your spirituality; we help you see what's in the way of adopting a wider, more powerful sense of yourself. We then invite you into a sense of fundamental-okness as the foundation for allowing continual transformation into more love and truth.

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🌀 Integrally Informed

Grow Up to Higher Levels of Leadership

Change the way you relate to the world as a whole, rather than simply adding new skills and tools into your box. Level Up focuses on growing up how you relate to everything, training a deeper capacity to work with the unexpected and the unexplainable, always updating so you lead toward a better world.

Wake Up Your Deepest Capacities

What is relational presence, and how does it help us thrive? Learn how to identify the timeless resource that can be used but never used up, and how to simply enjoy life more as a result.

Level Up develops your capacity to step outside of endless loops of thinking and traps of emotional upset, so you can face the raw immediate truths of reality.

Show Up with more power & compassion

How do we show up more powerfully in our leadership to make our experience and the world a better place? How do we get out of the way, and what are we trusting when we do? How do we cultivate more empathy, compassion, and love—for ourselves as well as those that most get on our nerves? Personally and impersonally? How do we set elegant boundaries?

Discover your own answers to these questions with so many personal sessions! In addition to getting 1-1 Relateful Focused and Coached by the pros, you'll be getting direct and specific feedback on what you specifically can most work on to show up more with your self, others, and groups as a whole.

Clean Up Your Unique Blindspots

How do we see what we can't see? How do we stop accidentally hurting ourselves and each other with out-of-date understandings and narratives about reality?

Shine a light on your Shadow and level up your truth telling, ownership, and understanding of projection.

Turn towards pain, learning when and how to embrace discomfort, and imperfection; how to stay in the now as 'healing' for yourself and others, while avoiding the problems with healing mindsets and trying to fix ourselves and others. Get intimate with difficult emotions, the inner critic, our tendencies to spiritual bypass, collective shadows, and a whole lot more.

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