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We have worked with many thousands of people over 10+ years in our highly rated courses such as Level Up  and our Relateful Coaching Training, on in-person retreats, online with our RelatefulAnywhere sessions (held every day!), at the Relateful Austin Studio, and in personal 1-1 Coaching and 1-1 Relateful sessionsWe have a lot to offer!

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Level Up 

🚀 Developmental Rocket Fuel  🚀

"Level Up literally changed my life. It expanded my relationship to leadership, while bringing more leadership into my relating and relationships outside of a formal relatefulness practice. After only a few weeks, I started experiencing a total deconstruction of self, and the program supported me to reconstruct my identity into something bigger and more meaningful than anything I had imagined previously. I now have the courage to take these practices into other areas of my professional life and start developing my own workshops that incorporate this way of being with other tools I have to share.

I would do it again.”

- Mercedes


Going into Level Up, I was feeling like I was stuck at around the 80% mark on my personal growth journey.  A few months into the course, something shifted and I started to feel like I was at the 20% mark and had some pretty wide horizons I could grow into. Things have shifted again between having that realization and writing this at the halfway point. I'm not really relating to myself as having some kind of internal cartoon progress bar anymore. I'm expecting that the twists and turns through the second half are going to be wild.

The material is great, but I'd already guessed at that after binging a bunch of the theory videos on and playing with their ideas.

The people are what make it. I'm struck over and over again by how great they all are. The facilitators are world-class amazing. The peers are fantastic, it feels like we're all growing in the same direction and supporting each other along the way.

This course has my highest recommendation, and I'm so grateful to be part of it.”

- Dave


"Next level, the edge of human potential in connection. World class. I feel really lucky I found out about it."

- James


“I could see a therapist regularly, talk about stuff, but never have it show up in real time... having those different people as mirrors in a such a non-judgemental, accepting space.

What blew me away the most about it is how it inevitably goes into every part of my life... it’s a worldview now.

If you aren’t getting something out of it, then I’d question how much you’re putting into it.”

- Colin


“I want the GOOD and the BEAUTIFUL and the LOVE that is exuding out of ME as a result of my time and participation in Level Up to happen to each and every person who does this program, and I feel like it will.” 

- Cristina


"I clarified many things throughout the program, most of which are non-verbal. As I pause and let it sink through my body, the most noticeable realisation for me is how effortless leading often felt; something that has really surprised me, given my proclivity to avoid leadership in daily life, mostly "going it by myself". This is something that will likely have the biggest impact on my future self.

I would especially recommend this program to people who want to have the mirror being turned around on them.”

- Klaus


“I would not recommend this for everyone… I would recommend it for people that really really want to grow, surf their edges, do their work.”

- Tory


“It’s perfect for anyone who wants to show up in a way that brings more joy, and also want to address challenges, problems, issues that come up with themselves with others.”

- Alex


"I've been trusting more in life, in my capability to birth my dreams and desires into being. I've experienced being supported, and changed by a community of incredible, inspiring people. I've been truthful of who I am in relationship - and experienced being SO loved in that - allowing me to be more relaxed as me in this world. I've been daring to receive support in all the ways I didn't think I ever could, and I've seen that it doesn't take away my independence at all. Haha. I've embraced more of the love present in each moment, taken leaps of trust and self-leadership to bring myself more fully in my wider community and dreams. And the biggest takeaway: I've experienced being loved and loving others - every single day.

The content of each week invites me into an intentional exploration of life itself. So far, the journey has led me to trust myself to be here fully as I am, and likewise this has been more of how I've been with others. I have no idea of how big the ripple effect of this is. I love the videos, the daily contact with the community, the growth and the presence, the 1-1 and 1-1-1 and coachings, the certifications, all of it, it's just making my life fuller in so many ways."

- Josefine


“Even if the program was already over, I got my money’s worth!”

- Elyse (on week 4)

"Speaking as a coach, learning strategist, and consultant: The coaching training is one of the best professional development programs I’ve done. The learning and development field has matured significantly over the last decade. Clients now know more and expect more. To be an effective coach today requires new relational skills, self-regulatory capacity, strong attunement, embodied presence, and an ability to make clear sense of complexities. The senior coaches and the deeply mutually supportive cohort in this course made for not only a solid professional training but a powerful, personalized leadership development experience for each of us, strengthening all those capacities and more. Anyone whose role involves coaching or influencing others should find this training of enormous practical benefit."

- Ellyn


"I was already certified by Integral Coaching Canada, but felt it was missing something - namely, that experience of presence I get with Relatefulness. After finishing Level Up and experiencing life-changing growth, I wanted to try coaching again. Relateful Coaching has again transformed my life.

I now feel ready and willing to take my service into the world. The hands-on approach gave me confidence, the live classes helped me feel supported, and the lessons provided a framework to go through it all."

- Mercedes


“As you would expect, this course teaches a specific curriculum—a framework for relateful coaching, corresponding theories and ways of seeing the world, and actual examples of the coaching being put into practice. But my biggest takeaways didn’t come directly from the material. They had more to do with learning how to embody what is fundamental to this coaching style: Trusting the already-happening unfoldment of life and recognizing how to foster it. The coaching and being coached (you do a lot of both in this course) coming out of that perspective have benefited me tremendously, and they’ve helped me become more me.”

- Kish


"The most transformational course I've ever been a part of. I am much more able to facilitate client transformation through embodying a balance of directionality and acceptance. Wisdom on steroids."

- James


"The coaching course is absolutely fantastic—I am receiving so much from it. I’m being challenged and nourished, and witnessing my expansion. So grateful for this creation and your offering."

- Stephanie


“I feel truly empowered by being in this last Coaching cohort. I can’t remember a time in my life where I’ve been in such a challenging learning environment while being supported and cheered on along the way. I feel I’m coming into a deeper capacity with anyone I’m now coaching and circling, of holding them in a greater love and empathy for the unique challenges one faces and how life wants to express through us all in such beautiful ways.

I couldn’t recommend this course enough for those wishing to deepen their skills, learn new tools, or to energize their life in the practice of presence as a paid coach in service of yourself and others.”

- Ernst


"I love the coaching course! It has massively impacted every area of my life and it’s made me a better coach, a better facilitator, a better circler, a better friend, and a better partner. The thing that I’m walking away with that I love most from this course and the framework of this coaching methodology is that it’s so strong and foundational and yet it allows the spaciousness for us to be with someone’s way of being at the core, bring it into awareness and then work with it in any way that’s needed. I found myself enjoying pulling in other things on top of it. With someone who’s in a really challenging context, I can pull in IFS or a therapy modality or I can just go into business coaching if I need to; if we really need to be with the outside world. The spaciousness is there and the framework allows for this deep thing where you get to the core way of being and what’s being held in that, that’s blocking things. I really love that. It’s really a super power training."

- Kedar


"The coaching course has been one of the most transformative trainings I've experienced. It perfectly marries relatefulness practices with coaching, by being able to "be with" as well as to facilitate change, particularly from a place of wholeness. The coaching course has given me numerous tools -- clarifying the problem, spotting false dilemmas, asking the decisive question -- that accelerate the change that wants to come through in people. I think of this type of coaching as being a life doula or life guide, helping along the life people really want to live.

On a personal level, the coaching course has led me to come into deeper alignment, truth, power, confidence, flow, and leadership in my life. It has helped me find my voice, not only in relatefulness and coaching, but also as a person. Receiving lots of coaching during the program clarified so many issues for me. The most convincing thing about the program was receiving this style of coaching, so I could see first hand that it works! I've seen it work on me over and over, and I've seen it work on others countless times as well. It works so well that even just trying out the tools for the first time can lay bare the problems in one's life, how one relates to them, and what further choices are possible, which has resulted for me in a noticably better quality of life, and has enabled me to support others much more effectively and with lots of fun, too."

- Alex


"I have found the capacity to bring myself forward in new ways that I never knew I was previously preventing. The best expenditure of time that I've experienced."

- David


"It made me better at "interruptions". More real with less of a social mask. Less afraid to make mistakes. More manly. Not as afraid of mess."

- Matthew

Other Success Stories

🏅  RelatefulAnywhere, Relateful Austin, Online Immersions, In-person retreats  🏅

"There seems to be countless ways that I could describe what happens for me on RelatefulAnywhere and how I experience it. The simplest way is maybe these three words; Deep soul nourishment."

- Tom


"One of the most valuable and impactful emotional practices I've encountered. When I started in 2015, it seemed to be a possible solution to many of my social bottlenecks as a person with Asperger's Syndrome. Within a couple of months, I had a couple dozen skills and abilities that I did not have prior to relatefulness. More broadly, relatefulness has greatly informed my thoughts and values in communication and social interactions, and my understanding of what healthy boundaries and relating looks like.  It's the only form of group interaction I've found which continues to be engaging and easeful for hours at a time (rather than 5 minutes, which is roughly how long other group interactions can hold my attention). Discovering it has probably been the single most impactful event in my life., other, perhaps, than getting into MIT, since starting concerta for ADHD before kindergarten."

- Jason


“At the simplest level, it is a meditation practice where the focus of my attention is on my experience of me, my expression of me, my experience of us, my expression of us, and my experience of you."

- Thea


"Every session brings me to more honesty and thus, more Self-knowledge.”

- Maha


“There is something happening in this community that I can only describe as a miracle of love. A lot of us are having very profound insights and transformation daily, and the groups that I have attended have doubled in power and honesty, just in the last month. How far can we take this? I don't know."

- Marco


“When I came upon it, there was something so vital to me there that I wanted to camp on the porch. It was like if there was a world map and I had one red pin to press in, it would go there... Axis mundi. Membership gave me hours and hours of practice, deep communication, community, chances to make friends, and hope in parts of my heart I didn't know had lost it.”

- Michael


"I like the fact that people can access in their own space and it isn't a peak experience isolated from daily life."

- Jayne


"I’ve really matured as a person and have met tons of highly conscious-minded people!"

- Shane


"A way of being my truest self, a way of deeply connecting to people, to life, to love. This teaches me and reminds me of my surrender to what is."

- Naren


"Deeply grateful for platforms like this that bring us together in true connection in a moment when it´s needed the most."

- Anonymous


"Relational Meditation. Where meditation practices non-reactivity and being with what is... Relational Meditation is the practice of these two things while in connection with people!"

- Michiko


"An online immersion is so much more impactful than I was expecting. It was incredible to be with people from all over the world, and this gave me a huge sense of connectedness and even more of a sense that I am not alone than an in-person event would. While I missed some aspects of in-person, I definitely still felt dropped in, present, and connected."

- Tristana


“Have you guys had a chance to watch the curriculum content? The videos? Mindblowing. I also feel it's an awesome source of inspiration/reminder of what/why we do what we do here."

- Anonymous


“I felt a profound shift and I’m excited to see how the world around me has changed.”

- Barbara


"A paradigm that has shifted my entire life and the way I communicate and move through the world. It is a practice that I wish everyone would have."

- Lisa


“I am a facilitator so my review is very positively biased, but I think this practice is incredible. I come every week; for me it's a deep spiritual practice without any religion or dogma, it's a community, a way to move towards a positive future. I learn something new about myself and people every time. They're often surprising insights.

I hope you try it out, and get something valuable from it whether or not you stick around!”

- Jordan


"A practice of exploring who I really am and expressing that more fully through connection with others."

- Jon


"This to me is a profound tool for introspection and personal development… and also a precious and beautiful practice in being awake to every moment.... and surrendering… and aliveness.... and more!"

- Ladaun


"From my perspective, relatefulness is a practice that brings us into greater intimacy with the mystery of what is here now--in me, in you, in and between all of us. I see it as a cooperative game offering a structured approach to the human experience which tends to reveal the unspoken, unconscious, and unexamined dynamics that otherwise constitute the habitual games we humans play, both individually and collectively. I view relatefulness as a potent psychotechnology which can support deeply embodied aliveness, profound dispelling of illusions, and expansion of consciousness.

I love the open-ended juiciness of what is possible here, and how the practice often stretches me in the most delicious ways."

- David

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