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"Creativity" as the fabric of existence rather than "is" 💡

3things jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Oct 13, 2022


What happens if we sense creativity as fundamental, rather than is? Here’s what I mean: 

If you ask me what I see out my window right now I’m tempted to describe to you what is. Trees, a mountain, fog. I accidentally bias the present moment as a static one. Perhaps our language does this via nouns. But I could just as easily use verbs to share what I’m seeing; the tree is treeing over time from seed to lumber, it trees in this exact moment via cohering and relating—swaying in the wind, photosynthesizing the sun, distinguishing itself from other things and self-known via ‘my’ awareness and meaning-generation.

Of course “creativity” and “is” are limited-useful ways of symbolically bounding infinity. The symbols “being” and “happening”, ambiguously verb + noun, may better hold the interpenetration of is and creativity. But remembering to include more of the creativity flavor, I think I’ll have more forgiveness for my mistakes, and those of others. I think I’ll have less pressure to reach some final state. I think I’ll be more willing to be changed, less willing to buy into illusions of control, perfection, and finishing. And therefore more open to love (verb and noun).


With love, Jordan


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