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Micro-transformation: Choose it or change it 🔔

3things concepts jordan myska allen micro-transformations personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Mar 10, 2022

What this looks like in any given moment: I notice myself resisting a 'have-to' (eg: pay a bill, speak a certain way, follow some rule).
Ding! 🔔 The bell goes off and I recognize this as an opportunity for more love-authoring. Can I change it? If yes, and I want to, then I work to change it until I choose not to. Can I not change it? Or are the consequences of change too high? Then I choose the 'have-to' as an affirmation of the values that drive my preference.

If you want to give it whirl, look for something you're 'supposed to' do right now and change it or choose it.


With love, Jordan


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