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Concepts: Completion Projects 🚧

3things concepts jordan myska allen micro-transformations personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Feb 17, 2022


“Once I meditate enough, then I’ll finally be at peace.”
“Once I heal enough childhood wounds, then I’ll finally be OK.”
“Once I surrender enough, then I’ll finally transcend the limits of my ego.”
“Once I finally lose that weight… achieve my career goals… find my partner… earn enough money… get good enough at Circling… learn enough concepts… get rid of all my completion projects...”

All of these result in avoiding the present. Looking for wholeness in all the wrong places: Somewhere other than here and now. Why? The implication behind all of these projects is that now isn’t OK. This not-okness can threaten my sense of self and awaken deep feelings of shame and unlovableness, so I avoid feeling it. But luckily when I look more honestly, I find the deep feelings are based on a mistaken view of reality. I'm already whole in my imperfection. Life's "incompleteness" is a good thing—an ecstatic celebration of the whole of existence including everything that's ever happened before and moving into more wholeness, in every moment.

Having a name for something helps us see it. Seeing something helps us recognize our reality choices. We've all got completion projects—what are yours?

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With love, Jordan


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