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Personal Growth Partial Truths: "Don’t tolerate what you don’t like"

3things jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Dec 23, 2021


"Don’t tolerate what you don’t like, Jordan."

Yes, but don’t think your dislike is the other person’s fault, don’t forget you’re a relational being, and don’t assume your dislike is justified either, Jordan. Your dislike is a grain of sand to make a pearl out of, so keep your attention on what transformation is being asked of you, not how you can change the world outside of you... and stay in love. The hard part about this is really and truly not blaming the disliked feeling happening in you on what you don’t like. This is what usually goes wrong when you take the advice to 'not tolerate'. You end up intolerant (lol) of any discomfort, uncurious about where others are coming from, harsh in your communication, and as a result selfish, narcissistic and without the kind of connection you want.


With love, Jordan


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