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With Love, Giving and Receiving are the Same 🔄

3things jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Jan 12, 2023

We usually think of giving something away as a zero-sum game, since you no longer have it. But with love, it’s obvious that giving and receiving are the same—when we love someone, they experience more love and we experience more love. The world experiences more love. Love is positive-sum. Win-win-win. It goes the other way too. Receiving love adds more love to the universe, without taking it from anyone. 

I’ve been thinking about personal and societal wealth and generosity from this standpoint. The more we love, the more wealthy we all become. It’s very empowering. What are some other things we can do where giving/receiving are obviously the same? Eg: Actively introducing more friends to each other. What else? Let’s do more of them.

With love, Jordan


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