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Harry Mack: World's Best Freestyle Rapper 🎙

3things jordan myska allen music personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Mar 17, 2022

Something lighter: Harry Mack is mind-blowingly good at improvising rap lyrics on the spot. Check out literally any video on his instagram—of which he posts daily. Even when I'm not gung-ho about the music like in this recent one, I am totally amazed by his switching up his cadence; triplets, double-time, all while he's being deeply relational. Plus he's a super positive guy, often building empathic connection or self-revealing his process like in this one (the third person is grieving a fiancé), and as a result the community he's curated around him is also very up-lifting. I feel inspired, and even if you're not into hip-hop I hope you do too!


With love, Jordan


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