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Waking Up: Jeffrey Martin’s M-Matrix

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If you're into God, meditation, or like me, both, you might find Jeffrey Martin’s research on enlightenment (regular/academic) helpful, if not fascinating. Martin went around for a decade interviewing different ‘enlightened’ people about their experience of experience, and subjecting them to a bunch of psychometric evaluations (including integral developmental measures—no correlation to ego development).

The result is that he debunks a bunch of assumptions we have about waking up (it often means your life gets objectively worse) and comes to some cool ideas about how to wake up. He suggests that the biggest block is in finding the right fit of technique to person. Another key (according to fMRIs?) is that meditation sessions of at least 41~43 min yield the most wakeup benefit.

His book The Finders is great if you can get past his penchant for marketing. Here is a free podcast/video interview, and for super nerds here’s his most recent (December 22) theoretical update, which I frankly don't fully grok yet.


With love, Jordan


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