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Clean Up 🧹: Joe Hudson on Money 💰

3things jordan myska allen micro-transformations personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Jan 27, 2022


I really enjoy how simply and personally Joe Hudson talks about psychological underpinnings of our often funky relationships with finances 💸 🤑 ( Podcast Part I & Part II ).

I see money as always representing something symbolic in our psyche—often value, validation, or safety—and so whatever hangups we think we have are actually projections of much deeper mistaken beliefs about being. This is not to deny correlations of money with happiness individually, societally, or with any other aspect of external worlds, but rather to invite us into a more honest relationship with experience through inquiry.

What does our relationship to money symbolize for us?

Do we push it away, seek it, demonize it, laud it, expect it to save us?

Do we talk about it? Do we hide it from our social existence?

And what inner experiences are we avoiding by thinking our problem or solution is ‘out there’ in the form of money?

Then we can clean up in a way that leaves us more free, and money becomes a different kind of symbol: a mirror that helps us see more honestly and compassionately.


With love, Jordan


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