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Q: Jordan, I would love to see you write about Oneness...

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Q: "Jordan, I would love to see you write about Oneness (reference to the Coaching Training) in the face of brutal circumstances, in this case the obvious one: Ukrainians having bombs raining down on them, and having to escape (sometimes walk) to borders in freezing weather. How do we relate to Oneness while in survival mode, especially one that can feel so unjust?" 🪖

I'm not coaching any Ukrainians. If I were, I'd start with love and listening. Deep, heartfelt, compassionate withness. I'd say tell me about your pain. Tell me about your rage, terror, sense of injustice, all of it. Personally. Gently, fiercely, here, now. Tell me also what's good in the midst of the happening. Tell me how you're making sense of it—and what the "it" even is for you. What does it mean to you? How do you get through it? How are you being supported or helping others? What gives you hope? Where do you see a tiny ray of sunshine in the bleak darkness? How are you relating to Oneness, God, the universe, humanity, and life-itself?

And because we're always in relationship, I'd share how it is for me to receive their story. In all of my impact's honesty, with curiousity, including where I go numb and can't understand, but stay committed to being here with the happening. I'd refrain from any sort of making them or anyone else wrong, or assuming I can offer anything to make their experience better. I know the victim - bully - savior dynamic well and I've never seen it lead to more peaceful and wholesome worlds. I'd refrain from any sort of assuming anything at all, resting in awe as my being gets rearranged in the revelation of what humans are capable of.


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With love, Jordan


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