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Some Shadows in Seeing Yourself as "Parts" 🧩

3things integral theory jordan myska allen parts theory personal growth relatefulness self-identity stayinlove May 26, 2022


Seeing yourself as a collection of internal "parts" ("one part of me feels 🥰, while another feels 😢") offers many gifts—but it may also be contributing to your experience of a chaotic and polarized world. Fragmented Self = Fragmented World. What unifies them?

Parts can also create a lonely, narcissistic experience. When most of your attention is directed inward it doesn’t leave much room for others. What’s beyond you?

Most people think of all their parts as "equal". This can lead to some confusions where people give their decision-making authority over to the so-called parts, feel obligated to maintain aspects of themselves they may be better off letting go, miss chances of integration, and overrepresent certain energies. For integral practitioners, the internal pluralistic collective is evidence of a green self-sense. Even if we accept parts, some are contextually better than others.

From my view, “parts” is a developmental leap forward in self-identity with concomitant potential shadows. Use it when it’s useful, and be aware of its potential costs.


With love, Jordan


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