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Toddler Lessons for Adults 🐤

3things children conscious parenting jordan myska allen learning lessons from being a dad personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Oct 13, 2022


We adults forget to apply to ourselves so much that’s obvious with babies and toddlers. Eg:

Watching a child fall when learning to walk, we know that “failure” = learning. We protect them from the most dangerous falls and encourage them to try again. Can we hold our own “failures” the same way?

Everyone I see playing with my 1 year old automatically gets that play requires repetition and variation. Yet in relating we often take repetition too far into thinking there’s a “right way” to be authentic. Or we take variation too far, ignoring the wisdom of the past and losing connection.

We have so much compassion for their ignorance, why not our own? So much patience when they try something new, why our own self-judgement?

Or take the basics: sometimes when we’re upset we just need to eat, or sleep, or use the bathroom.


With love, Jordan


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