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Don’t have to understand to “heal” 🛑

3things jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Mar 16, 2023


I don’t think you have to understand your psychological history in order to change the patterns that have come from it. I’m guessing many of you reading this, especially body workers, will agree.  

My phenomenological sense of how we change internal habits is that we’re able to hold an out-of-date interpretation in our awareness alongside a more open, present, available-to-the-now interpretation. In the light of it being a less helpful response to what’s really happening now, the old pattern releases. In my experience, understanding root causes can be extremely helpful when it leads to getting more intimate with what’s going on for you, if you can stay present with the “what’s going on for you” truly not being the best response for the moment.


With love, Jordan


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