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(Ethics of) Endosymbiosis 🫘

3things biological metaphors ethical innovations ethics jordan myska allen relatefulness stayinlove May 23, 2024


I've been obsessing over this concept of "Endosymbiosis" from cell biology, where an individual entity (like a mitochondria) becomes fully integrated into a larger collective (like a cell), creating a mutually beneficial relationship. Both the individual and the collective are better off.

I believe we should strive for endosymbiotic relationships with each other, humanity, and consciousness as a whole. It’s not an obvious default—there are systems (like current social media) where individuals can benefit at the cost of the collective. Similarly, there are systems that require individuals to sacrifice themselves for the collective (like feeling guilty for privilege).

However, endosymbiotic relating is a viable option. It may take investing time and creativity to discover these potentials, but I believe we can create dynamics where your well-being enhances the whole, and the whole's well-being enhances yours. I think it’s a good ethical compass to measure action against. Let's aim for nothing less.


With love, Jordan


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