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Exciting new pricing changes 🎉

announcements free memberships pricing May 16, 2023

Hey amazing Relateful community!

We're excited to announce some changes to our membership pricing that we believe will make it more accessible to everyone while also helping us to better value the time, skill and contribution of our facilitators and staff, making sure you get the best relateful experience.

TL;DR Check out new memberships now; here are all the specific details (a lot more info than was on the email):


Three main memberships:

  • 2 extra credits/mo = $25 recurring “maintain” package
  • 8 extra credits/mo = $79 recurring “frequent” package
  • 30 extra credits/mo = $249 recurring “regular” package

Available now

  • 1 credit = 1 hour. 
  • Sweet new deal: These paid membership credits carry over for one month!
    • Roll over credits expire after one month

Exciting new First Week Trial

  • First Week Trial: $5 trial for first week on the 8 credits per month package
    • The $5 week credits do not roll over, but as soon as you pay full price they do

Free Membership Now "UBI"

  • Free membership is moving from 4 hours per month down to 2, and is now called Universal Basic Income
    • UBI membership credits do not rollover
  • You can mix and match to create whatever amount you need, so no one needs to cancel your free membership to upgrade
  • UBI is still just Relateful Focus and Fundamentals
    • This now includes Relateful Austin, so Monday's "lab" is not included in the UBI
  • We’re renaming the free membership the UBI—universal basic income 🤑 We know that not everyone aligns with the UBI politically, and that money can be a serious topic. We're choosing to approach it with a playful spirit, just like we do with relatefulness.


What about my current membership?

  • If you're already a regular member, thank you! Your membership will stay as is for the next six months, at which point we'll likely invite you to convert to the closest thing we've got.

  • If you're an OG, we're so grateful for your ongoing support! Your membership will go up ~17% on the 25th, and you should have already gotten an email from Jordan.  

  • Old Freemium 4 sessions have to be used within a week (by the end of May 23, 2023) before we downgrade them to 2 credits/month.


When do these changes take place?

  • These new tiers will replace our current pricing structure starting today, May 16 2023. 
  • UBI becomes immediately active today also (There's no more option to get the old freemium).

New Drop-in rates (effective immediately):

  • 1 hour: $16
  • 2 hour: $25

New 10 pack price (effective immediately)

  • 10 pack is now $139
  • Let's be honest the old price of the ten pack didn't encourage memberships at all.


New Unlimited Relateful Austin "Studio" Membership for $89/mo.

  • $89/mo unlimited studio only—Since we have some people who only come in person, and there aren't as many options a month for sessions.
  • No Monday on UBI (UBI Just focus and fundamentals even in austin); we encourage newbies that show up to do the $5 first week.


No more unlimited?

We want you to join Level Up ⬆️ if you plan to do unlimited sessions (it's included in the program)—because that means you’ll have an outsized impact on the culture and we want to guide you in the direction of high quality relateful practice :) 


A quick note on why

The free membership is still an experiment. We love offering you this, but it still may not be sustainable in the long run. Simply put, we need more free people to convert to paying members. We'll revisit it in the next 3-6 months.

For the rest: Our forte is conscious relating, not pricing, so in retrospect our changes over the past year were weird. They haven't given y'all options in the way y'all were actually wanting to use memberships. We believe this new way will better serve you by being simpler, stackable, and with more accessible pricing options that make more sense. And as always, we're proactively listening to your feedback and we'll learn and grow in the process.

We hope you'll take advantage of these new membership options to bring even more joy and connection into your lives.

As always, we're grateful to have you in our community of practitioners dedicated to truth, love, and connection. Can't wait to see you in a session!


Always with love,

Jordan & The Relateful Co Team


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