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Grateful for you all 🙏

3things jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Nov 23, 2023


I’m grateful to you reading this email, in at least the following ways—

  • Grateful that you’re interested in exploring the kind of stuff we explore in relatefulness, willing to keep an open mind, push edges, and trust limits.

  •  I’m grateful to have friends to play with, and fellow researchers.

  • Grateful for you for loving yourself enough to look deep into what’s really going on moment to moment, be extremely confronted, and that this love and confrontation ripples out to everyone.

  • Grateful that your life circumstances and development are such that you can prioritize learning to be more loving, honest, and present in all your relations, and continually redefine who you are and how you make sense of everything.

  • Grateful that y’all make your own sense of things; that you don’t always agree with me, each other, our facilitators, or any specific philosophy and you bring your differences and dissonance in a way that can be generative, or at least mostly coexist. I believe this leads to a beautiful diversity not just in where people are from but what epistemologies we use to make sense of being alive.

  • I’m grateful y’all are coming along the journey of renaming our practice and our company to “Relatefulness” this year; and grateful that so many of you have embodied how this very move embodies the spirit of continual transformation. This gives me a lot of hope that we’ll be able to continually evolve and remake the very thing we’re doing whenever it starts to get too reified.

  • The list is nearly endless, I'm so touched to be a part of this ecosystem / world… I appreciate y’all creating an amazingly supportive environment with each other even as we’re spread across six continents, I'm grateful for our collective journey of growth and continual transformation—individually and collectively confronting deeply ingrained beliefs and often showing up vulnerably with what we feel least lovable in, I'm grateful for your courage in facing the challenges and complexities that our exploration brings, I'm grateful for the personal sacrifices many of you make to be part of this journey.

  • I’m grateful that so many of you know that my gratitude here doesn’t preclude further improvements in these very areas; is wholly unconditional and without strings.

  • Finally, I’m grateful for the future... what we’re going to become in the next months, years, and decades to come.


With love, Jordan


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