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Contemplation: If You’re (Feeling Into) Here, You’re Also (Feeling Into) Not-Here 🥷

3things awareness of awareness jordan myska allen micro-transformations personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Apr 07, 2022

Here’s something fun for you to play with: Notice your sense of being here. The simple feeling of existence existing at all. Nothing too fancy—you know you’re here. You’re aware of being. Now you may notice something weird: since any sort of distinction requires its opposite to be known at all, you must be feeling not-being here to compare here-ness to!

What’s that?! What’s the deal with not-being? How is it to feel non-being? How is it even possible—that somehow, you’re aware (something here) of not-here?!? Sensing into here, and the concomitant not-here, my mind stops (thankfully). Here non-being is, always inseparably defining being.


With love, Jordan


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